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Making Twitter Tolerable, One Glitch App At A Time

App creators on Glitch are making Twitter work the way they want by showing us that the Web is what we make it!

Disable All Retweets 🚫

It was in pursuit of this quieter, more serene Twitter experience that lead Stripe software engineer, Julia Evans, to create “turn-off-retweets” on Glitch. It’s an app that automates the process of turning off retweets for all your followers. Granted, you can individually disable retweets, but as Julia points out, “doing it manually was a pain — I had to do it one person at a time. So I wrote a tiny Glitch app to do it for me!”

Keep Up With Your Followers via RSS 👀

“I love feeds and the people I follow on Twitter,” Luca Hammer says. He made “opml”, a Glitch app that makes it easy to monitor your followers in your favorite RSS reader. It looks for feeds in the URLs of your followers and puts them in an OPML file for easy importing. So if you’re trying to spend less time on Twitter but don’t want to miss out on updates, you’re all set!

Return to Chronological ⏰

Luca also created “follow-management”, an app which adds everyone you follow to a list. That way you can read the list, as tweets in lists are still ordered chronologically.

Sift Through The Tweetstorms 🌩️

If Twitter threads are hard to follow in your main timeline, check out “tweetstorms” by Reyner Crosby. This Glitch app allows you to browse through the threads — or tweetstorms — of any particular Twitter user. This can be extremely useful for prolific tweetstormers like Marc Andreessen and Andrew Chen, for example.

Block The Trolls 🙅

When someone targets and harasses you on Twitter, it can make you feel helpless. Reporting them is an option, but for a more immediate fix, try “poop-blocker”. This Glitch app from Argentina-based indie game developer, Rumpel, enables you to quickly block users that retweet a specific tweet and report them as spam.



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