Learn React with the React Starter Kit

A free, 5-part video course with interactive code examples that will help you learn React

Gareth Wilson
Jan 5, 2018 · 2 min read
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Glitch is the friendly community where you’ll build the app of your dreams. We want to introduce you to different ways to build those apps. In this video series, we talk about React. Through 5 short videos we cover what React is, why you might use it an when. And we look at 3 remixable example apps that use React and explain the code that’s used in them.

To help us, we’ve enlisted the help of some engineers who use React every day in their jobs: Suz Hinton from Microsoft, Florida Ivanne Elago from Casper, and Justin Falcone from BuzzFeed. Hosted by Jenn Schiffer.

Part 1: Intro to React

Software Engineers who use React every day explain what React is, when you might use it and why.

Part 2: React Starter

We take a look at a simple app that uses React, and we introduce the tools and concepts you need to understand it, including Webpack, JSX, components, elements and props.

🎏 View the code of starter-react or remix it

Part 3: React Router

We introduce you to routing, and explain how you can use React Router to add links to additional pages in your app.

🎏 View the code of stater-react-router or remix it

Part 4: React Redux

We explain how to manage ‘state’ in your app, and how Actions work with Reducers.

🎏 View the code of starter-react-redux or remix it

Part 5: What’s Next?

We suggest some useful add-ons and libraries to try out once you’ve mastered the basics.

To learn from other example React apps, check out the React gallery on Glitch. If you get stuck, just raise your hand. And remember:

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