This Week on Glitch: Social Coding, Making MIDI Tunes, and More!

It’s been quite a week in the world of tech, and the community on Glitch is growing by the day. Here are a few projects that have caught our attention! 👀

Maurice Cherry
Jun 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Glitch and Social Coding 💻🎏

On Monday, Microsoft announced their acquisition of GitHub, and it seemed like developers everywhere had something to say about it. We’re excited about the news, and Fog Creek Software’s CEO Anil Dash thinks it will be good news for developers! He outlined his thoughts on a new vision for social coding by highlighting Glitch and our fantastic Rewind feature, which lets you roll back changes on a project as simply as rewinding a video on YouTube.

Anil sums up his perspective here:

But the bottom line is simple: GitHub has radically changed coding in the last 10 years, and we should all celebrate this milestone for Microsoft and for the community. It’s a validation of an important idea: We don’t code alone.

We’re Doing It Live! 👩‍💻🎦

Ada Rose Cannon, developer advocate at Samsung, began streaming coding sessions on Twitch this week. She went over isomorphic rendering with HyperHTML and ES modules, and used Glitch in her livestream to illustrate these concepts in a format that is easy to follow. This is a great way to show just how powerful Glitch can be as a tool for teaching!

Speaking of using Glitch for education purposes, software engineer Omayeli Arenyeka recently held a workshop on where she taught developers how to build a Twitter bot in JavaScript using Node.js. Events like this are a great way to help others!

Guess The Year in Australian History! 🤔🌏

A photo roulette can be a fun way to learn about history. Glitch user @thurstanwork created an app using data from the State Library of Queensland which uses their API to pull images and prompt users to guess which year the photo was taken.

Can you find the right year without using all your guesses?

Can you guess the right year for this photo? 👆🏽

Make MIDI Music! 🎹🎶

MIDI Ditty Notation uses a nice, compact notation to let you create small songs. MIDI is an industry-standard protocol, and this neat Glitch app from Glitch user @hYPotenuser allows you to make songs and apply transformations to them like changing pitch, direction, and transposing notes.

Give it a try and come up with your own jazzy tunes!

Write a little ditty then transform it! 💃🏾

Checking CSS Layout Browser Support 🔎✔️

Testing cross-browser support for CSS layouts can be a confusing process. Aside from checking desktop browsers, there’s also mobile browsers! Glitch user @ekaoddlass created an app that displays three common CSS layout types — float, flex, and grid. This is a really helpful way to show what features your browser supports and provides suitable fallbacks.

This will save so much time with cross-browser compatibility! 🙌🏼

Keep Your To-Do List Together 🗒️✏️

If you’re a heavy Slack user, connecting it to different services lets you handle a multitude of tasks. Glitch user @mikker created an app that cleverly lets you add to-do items to Things directly from Slack!

Remix the project and check out the for instructions for making it all work.

Get ‘er done and crush that to-do list! 💪🏾

It’s been a really great week on Glitch, and these projects are just the tip of the iceberg. Show us your app and maybe we’ll feature it in a future post!


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