Announcing the Glitch-Bonded Finance partnership

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3 min readApr 20, 2021


Glitch is pleased to announce a partnership with Bonded Finance, a decentralized finance platform cultivating and deploying “experimental,” smart-contract driven financial instruments. We’re excited to be working with Bonded as an official partner to expand optionality for Glitch users and, by extension, drive both projects to new heights.

Exploring the frontier

Bonded was created to push the boundaries of open finance. A big part of this is an algorithmic model they’ve developed, called “bonding,” which aims to reduce risks, unlock, and aggregate the value that is distributed among smaller, untapped digital assets. In this way, Bonded offers accelerated crypto loans issued against less liquid coins, letting users tap into the borrowing power of lesser-known projects and long-term holds without abandoning their positions.

Bonded also offers a Line of Credit Index (LOC), a unique credit product explicitly designed for the crypto market. This index enables approved teams can request lines of credit issued against time-locked tokens. Thus giving crypto projects the ability to accelerate operations and growth and presents an entirely new framework for approaching tokenomics. These are but two examples. There are more Bonded instruments and additional experiments in the works.

In working with Bonded, Glitch will expand the range of things you can do with your GLCH. In light of this partnership, our token holders will be able to borrow against their $GLCH and earn interest by leveraging their tokens. This will take more $GLCH off the market (essentially locking tokens), and it enables $GLCH holders to have greater access to capital without exiting their position. The collaboration is also intended to help in terms of price discovery and provide a growth booster to the entire $GLCH ecosystem.

“Without finance, Cryptocurrencies are just digital tokens. This new partnership with Bonded finance brings GLCH one step closer to becoming a legitimate form of money.” — Sean Ryan, CEO of Glitch.

“The Bond network is steadily growing behind the scenes, and sharing value is an underpinning of crypto. Glitch is prescient enough to recognize where our goals align and the potency of network effects. As interoperability becomes a real thing, the seamless transition between protocols will become blurred. Developers can develop in a multi-purpose fashion while holders of Glitch can stake on our platform and earn and receive Bond.” — Paul Mak, CEO of Bonded Finance.

About Glitch

Built from the ground up, GLITCH is a blockchain-agnostic super protocol designed specifically for trustless money markets. Glitch solves the expensive fee structure of other blockchain platforms and plans to incorporate token wrapping bridges, where dApps can be run more efficiently, all in service of Glitch’s ultimate goal: to become the global financial rail.

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About Bonded Finance

The Bonded platform was created to incubate and deploy experimental, high-yield, smart-contract-driven financial instruments that push the bounds of open finance. Bonding is an algorithmic model that aims to unlock, aggregate, and de-risk ~50 billion in dormant value distributed amongst untapped digital assets by allowing supporters of qualifying altcoin projects the opportunity to borrow against these assets or pool them and start earning.

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