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3 min readApr 21, 2021


Since 2020, the Glitch team has been working tirelessly to build a blockchain agnostic super protocol specifically for trust-less money markets. Glitch offers a new operating system precision defined, scalable, and capable of making the leap required to challenge the dominance of traditional, centralized financial markets.

The reasons we decided to build Glitch are twofold. First, as more complex financial systems get built on top of blockchains, scalability becomes an ever more pressing problem. And to date, not a single blockchain platform has met all requisites to act as a backbone for a sustainable, truly decentralized economy. Over recent years, as this trend grew, we got frustrated with exorbitant gas fees. But rather than complain, we decided to roll up our sleeves and start helping build the infrastructure.

Second, we have a fundamental distrust of banks and government due to their inability to run what is such a critically important system, money. The centralized concentration of global power has created conditions where a select few impose their will on monetary systems and public policy. This system is rife with abuse, manipulation, and outright fraud. Conversely, decentralized finance gives people greater control of their money and data, and we’re committed to bringing DeFi’s full promise to life.

Meet the team leads

Glitch Finance consists of a small, tightly-knit core team and a broader collective of contributors, plus a few strategic advisors, all united under one banner. Glitch was founded by Sean Ryan, a serial entrepreneur, crypto veteran, and business development expert who has previously contributed to the creation and acquisition of several SaaS products and companies.

The core team also includes CTO Julian Muchatuta, CFO Jason McGregor, and head of R&D Rohan Barde. Julian is a chartered engineer with experience in capital projects and operations management at Schweppes Holdings Africa and British Sugar. Jason is a CFP with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. And Rohan is the former R&D manager at Blockchain Zoo who’s been tinkering with blockchain implementations since 2016.

The team is backed by Spark Digital Capital, Boxmining, and private venture capital. It also features Jeff Kirdeikis, the CEO of TrustSwap, recently brought on board to serve as a special marketing and business development advisor. Our development hub is Hong Kong, but we have team members spread around the globe, from South East Asia to the U.S. to Europe and Australia. Internally, we have three core pillars for staff: marketing, technology, and operations.


The glue of the system, the operations team oversees the execution and ensures that resources are available where needed. Here we have a project lead, operations lead, special projects officer, and one administrator.


The largest body counts, and for a good reason — the technology team is responsible for building the Glitch blockchain from the ground up. Here we have a technology lead, solutions architect, core devs, a scrum master, UX designer, and a bunch of developers.


The friendliest funniest bunch of troopers in the squad, the marketing team is actively working to grow the Glitch ecosystem. We’ve got a design lead, digital marketing coordinator, a business development manager, copywriter, community moderators, and marketing assistants.

As Glitch grows, our team is rapidly expanding, and in the coming weeks, we will continue introductions by profiling some of the other people working behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

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