Glitzkoin And GTN, Making Real World Connections

Trading on the Stellarport exchange since July 2018, the Glitzkoin GTN token has notched up a 50% price appreciation based on the ICO value. The crypto community strongly supported the Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project through the ICO, which ran from March to June 2018. The price for the GTN token during the ICO, was in the $0.15 to $0.20 range. Crypto enthusiasts retain a keen interest in the project. This has resulted in the token reaching the $0.30 price level, this at a time when crypto markets wore a gloomy look in November and December 2018.

Besides trading the token on the Stellarport exchange, cypto traders have their minds set on the DiaEx diamond trading platform. The Glitzkoin project has designated, the GTN token as the mode of payment on the DiaEx platform. Diamond traders of all sizes and irrespective of their location, would buy the token to settle payments. The first quarter of 2019, would see the launch of the trading platform.

Glitzkoin has always called for a direct connection between, the crypto world and real world business. It is the connection between Glitzkoin and the multibillion dollar diamond industry that, draws a high degree of interest from crypto space participants.

Negotiations for another link between the GTN token and a real world business, are at an advanced stage. The plan is to have the Glitzkoin GTN token, accepted as a mode of payment on a reputed Asian portal related to the entertainment and leisure industry. This arrangement would commence as a pilot run in early 2019.

The GTN token can be tracked and traded on Stellarport at