Glitzkoin DiaEx Draws Consistent Support From Crypto Community.

Just to recap, the Glitzkoin ICO was completed way back in June 2018, the GTN token had an ICO price of $0.20. While most projects lose support from the crypto world after ICO completion, Glitzkoin has continues to be actively supported by seasoned crytpo traders — this despite the absence of high pitched marketing noise and fancy talk.

The DiaEx diamond exchange which is at the heart of the Glitzkoin project, is designed to accept the GTN token as the mode of payment. This does mean that, demand for the Glitzkoin GTN token will come from two robust sources. Crypto savvy participants will continue to trade the token on crypto markets while, diamond traders will also require the GTN token to settle payments on the DiaEx trading platform.

The GTN token showed an impressive price rise in the month of November 2018. The token moved from its familiar $0.18 to $0.23 price range, to hover around the $0.30 price point. Crypto analysts see this as a healthy trend, a 50% appreciation in ICO value at a time when, much of the crypto world continues to dip into the red.

You can track and trade the GTN token on Stellarport at