Glitzkoin Token Is GTN Not GLT

With interest in the Glitzkoin token growing with each passing day, we have received a number of queries requesting a clarification on the Glitzkoin crypto ticker symbol.

We would like to clarify that, the first crypto exchange listing for the token was in July 2018. The Glitzkoin token was listed with the GTN symbol and not the GLT symbol. The GTN token has not gone through any name change since then. Further crypto exchange listings that will be happening through 2019, will also be done under the GTN ticker symbol.

It is a well known fact that there is no recognized body that, validates and assigns crypto ticker symbols. The Glitzkoin ICO was launched with the GLT symbol, the team then encountered another project that chose to use the same GLT symbol. Since there is no organization to settle such issues, we decided to go with GTN, this was before the Stellarport exchange listing.

Much media coverage has been given to the GTN token, one of the few cryptos to withstand the epic fall in the last quarter of 2018. We would like to reconfirm that the GTN token (Feb 2019) continues to trade at $0.30. This is 50% higher than the ICO closing price of $0.20.

The related resources before, will allow you to track the Glitzkoin project and trade the GTN token on Stellarport.

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