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Sep 4, 2018 · 4 min read

The GLITZKOIN ICO successfully ended in mid-June 2018 but, that has not lowered interest in the GTN tokens. After staying updated about the brisk pace at which the development phase of the project has been cruising, interest in GTN tokens has been steadily growing. In this report we explain how to buy the GLITZKOIN tokens.

Since GLITZKOIN is based on the Stellar infrastructure, the tokens (GTN) can be traded on the Stellar marketplace. There are a few technical points, that need to be explained and this is what the report is all about.

Below is a list of independent clients that can be used to trade GTN:


Things to do before you buy:

  • Using any of the three clients mentioned above, create an XLM wallet to hold your GTN tokens.

Before moving to the next few steps, here is a quick recap of what you would have accomplished at this stage. You would have used, one of the three independent clients mentioned above and created an XLM wallet to hold the GTN tokens. Transferring 2 XLM tokens, you would have activated the wallet. The GTN asset would have been accepted into the wallet. XLM tokens would have been purchased to pay for the GTN tokens that you would be purchasing. We will now guide you through the rest of the process, screenshots have been included to better explain the steps.

Screen shots used to explain the steps, have been captured from and other Stellar clients mentioned above would have similar screens.


After logging into your account, click on the section marked ‘Assets’, you should search for GTN as shown in the screenshot below.

Searching for the GTN Asset


The ‘Verified’ GTN asset would be the first option, click it. You should be able to view the trading volume and historical prices for the GTN token.

GTN tokens Historical Trends and Data


Click on the ‘Trade’ Button on the top left hand side of the screen. You will be taken to a screen that shows the current trading price for the GTN token. The current trading price is shown in terms of XLM tokens. Another section of the same screen, will allow you to place buy and sell orders. Presuming that you wish to buy GTN tokens, you will need to enter the number of XLMs that you wish to convert to GTN — in the ‘Buy’ section. Click on the ‘Place Buy’ button.

Trading GTN Tokens


You will now need to sign the transaction by choosing one of four provided options. We would recommend the ‘private key’ method. Just a quick recap, the private key would have been available to you during the wallet setup stage — we did mention this in the top portion of this report. On entering the private key, the client will ‘sign’ the transaction and submit it to the network.

The next and final stage would be when, you receive a notification confirming your GTN token purchase.

Signing Transaction

Welcome to the GLITZKOIN mission, we will together be focused on revolutionizing the 90 billion dollar diamond industry. The first diamond blockchain to be promoted by a veteran from the industry. And at this point, the only Diamond Exchange to fully support diamond trade breaking, geographical barriers and eliminating the challenge posed by multiple currencies. With the GTN token being used to settle payments, the token would have an additional stream of demand generated by the trading activity.


Integrating the latest blockchain technology into the diamond industry supply chain. Changing the landscape of the $90 billion Diamond Industry, one diamond at a time.

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Integrating the latest blockchain technology into the diamond industry supply chain. Changing the landscape of the $90 billion Diamond Industry, one diamond at a time.