Prototyping the future.

Prototyping at the Designathon

Our world is changing, quickly, largely driven by technological possibilities. We have, I believe, a responsibility to all children to give them access to attitudes and skills to deal with this change, to survive and prosper in an unknowable future. The Global Children’s Designathon was hosted as a light of inspiration, a path forward. A path way to give children the creative, critical and technological means to survive. And not only survive, for themselves but to contribute to the prosperity of all.

There is some consensus on the why and the what of education: children need to become self-sustainable and they need to become confident of their talents and aware of societies values. Furthermore they need to be able to contribute to the development of their own future.
We now need to rethink the how of the way we teach our kids. How can teach children to become these confident grown ups with critical and creative attitudes, with technological literacy and a wish to enhance well being and meaning in the future. For us at Designathon Works: Learning to think and act as a designer is a way to explore this how challenge.

As a social designer and change maker, I (Emer) started Designathon Works to creating new learning opportunities for the next generation, to design better futures using technological possibilities to create a better world.

Emer at the Global Children’s Designathon

In this magazine (a selection of articles and interviews) we want to share the learnings from the Global Designathon 2014, and it’s potential going forward.
Thanks to Stichting Doen for their support, along with Yoxi, SIG, Motivaction and Smart City Amsterdam.