Letter from the Chief Content Officer of the Global Communicator

Gwendolyn Quinn

We’re Back!

It’s been fifteen years since we released our last e-publication of Global Communicator.

We are honored to partner with Medium to relaunch our monthly e-publication for people of color, that features in-depth profiles of publicists, public relations and communications professionals, journalists, marketing and advertising executives, and content creators.

Global Communicator will continue to cover a wide range of communicators whose careers span the worlds of politics, corporate, healthcare, television, film, sports, performing arts, music, education, faith-based, non-profit, fine/visual arts, brand development, book and magazine publishing, community relations/affairs, government, fashion, beauty, special events, and other specialized areas.

The purpose of relaunching the magazine is to put the spotlight on many of our sung and unsung friends and colleagues, who have inspired and empowered the global community.

In our June premiere issue, we have interviews with some fascinating communicators, including Staci L. Hallmon, Senior Vice President and General Manager of BET Live and the BET Experience. Staci shares her journey from the recording industry to Time Inc. to Essence to BET. In an exclusive interview, Candace Sandy, a prominent political and communications crisis strategist, reveals her battle with COVID-19. Donna Walker-Kuhne, the founder and President of Walker International Communications Group, talks about Broadway, New York Theater, and the arts during the age of COVID-19. Bil Carpenter, the co-founder of D.C.-based Capital Entertainment, shares his career development through the worlds of music, history, politics, and journalism. And television producer Deborah Byrd, the founder and CEO of AK Blackbyrd Productions, talks about her journey from Alaska’s cold and snowy weather to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

We are honored that Staci, Candace, Donna, Bil, and Deborah shared their powerful stories and their hearts; and put a face on their voice. We are happy to welcome former Billboard and Essence editor Janine Coveney as our editing consultant.

When we started Global Communicator, we had an amazing team of writers and contributors, including current advertising executive and creative writer Lynn Pitts, who wrote a majority of the stories; and Christy DeBoe Hicks and Shawn Rhea, who contributed to one of our issues. I am grateful for their excellent writing, expertise, and shared vision. I would also like to acknowledge Robyn Ryland-Sanders, who was there from the beginning and worked closely with the team on each issue.

Global Communicator is a brand extension of the former African American Public Relations Collective (AAPRC), a community of black publicists and public relations and communications professionals. The AAPRC is in the process of restructuring and will be renamed to a formal organization.

The magazine has previously profiled a who’s who of industry professionals, including the late publishing giant and pioneer John H. Johnson, Ed Bradley, Gwen Ifill, and Pulitzer Prize winner Les Payne; as well as Charlayne Hunter-Gault, media mogul Cathy Hughes, Soledad O’Brien, Robin Roberts, Carole Simpson, Ed Gordon, Tavis Smiley, Suzanne Malveaux, Johnnie Roberts, Farai Chideya, Jacque Reid, and Pulitzer Prize winner Clarence Page, among others. Some of the public relations professionals featured included the late Pat Tobin and Ofield Dukes, as well as Judy Smith, Terrie Williams, Marcy DeVeaux, Michael Lewellen, Alicia Evans, Robin Verges, Helen C. Shelton, and numerous others. Global Communicator also featured former publicist and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ava DuVernay.

Thank you and welcome to the global community!

Gwendolyn Quinn




Global Communicator is a monthly e-publication for people of color that features in-depth profiles of publicists, public relations and communications professionals, journalists, marketing and advertising executives, and content creators.

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