Vivas las Queremos:

Bringing Light to the Devastating Impact of Violence Against Women

The mother and sisters of Fátima del Rosario Cerda Hernández who was killed by her 18-year-old stepson.

Vivas las Queremos recognizes the lives of 18 women from the South Caribbean of Nicaragua who were murdered between 2014 and 2016 and aims to raise awareness and generate action to combat gender-based violence. The exhibit captures personal and moving images of family members and loved ones who share their memories of what the victims were like, how they died and whether or not justice has been done.

The stories of loss that these families share are emotional and cathartic. Of these women, the majority died at the hands of their ex-husband, current partner or close family member. They were between 18 and 80 years old — most were young mothers. Their stories are a sample of the aggressions that cross the lives of many women every day. This exhibit puts a face to the figures that are not always included in the official statistics.

Vivas las Queremos was coordinated and developed through the USAID Local Governance Program. See all of the photos and read the testimonies in Spanish here.

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