A/X Armani Exchange | A Different Countdown

Armani Exchange was looking to have a big yet different end-of-the-year party. After going through several proposal plans, we agreed to an end of the year party that would coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar, an event that takes place every 5125 years, instead of the regular December 31st date. We called it: Countdown to a New Beginning.
We chose high-end restaurant Lega and renowned club Axccis as venues and had celebrities, Imalu and Yummy, as the guest DJs.

Being the only event celebrating the end of the Mayan Calendar, it went viral on social media, attracting hundreds of attendees.

Over 40 thousand people received an invitation to the event with several thousand more exposed to the prior and after event promotions.

The event was such a success that it was chosen among the top end of the year parties of 2012 by Glitter Magazine and was featured in its 2013 March edition.

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