Global Diplomacy

Global Diplomacy is a learning platform for international relations aimed at understanding the world through data, research and (visual) communication.

Social, (geo)political, cultural, and economic phenomena around the world are complex; we do not want to simplify it, rather providing a space for learning, discussion and reflection.

How do we do that?

  • Creating and curating content
  • Providing resources in several formats
  • Offering training courses on international relations, communication, and culture

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The first event of Global Diplomacy took place in April 2020 with Nicole Bogott and Luiza Souza talking about power and society.

What was meant to be a series of events throughout 2020, ended up being an online session.

Power is a large concept, but for this event, the discussion was focused on the power of communities and on human rights.

What better way to talk about communities than with a practical example?

Philia, founded by Nicole Bogott, has women empowerment as its main objective. But how do they do it? Through a peer coaching process focused on equality allowing its members to empower themselves, their relationships and conversations, and ultimately, their communities. In this way, everyone is kept in the loop, irrespective of their location (Philia is a global network with branches in Portugal, Germany, Turkey, India, and Afghanistan). …


Global Diplomacy

Understanding the world through research, data, and (visual) communication

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