The Top 25 articles for May 2017 ranked by attention

At today’s GEN Summit 2017 in Vienna media research company Kaleida released its first Attention Score ranking of English-language news sources. The data is based on the open source Attention Index algorithm from Kaleida previewed for the first time this week.

Source: Kaleida’s Attention Index, June 2017

CNN topped the list with the article “The House just passed a bill that affects overtime pay” on May 4th by Julia Horowitz . The article was promoted on CNN’s home page for 33 hours which has an Alexa Rank of 105, and it was pushed via CNN’s brand page on Facebook with 27,386,540 followers. Facebook reported 85,276 engagements for the article.

Other major news stories included articles about Macron and the French Election, James Comey, and US healthcare.

The rankings were derived from data about 128,000 articles published by major US and UK publishers in May 2017. The data, methodology and algorithm are all available and open for reuse under a Creative commons license at:

About The Attention Index. The Attention Index is a proposed open standard for measuring premium media. It was developed by Kaleida, a media research and data company based in the UK. The data, algorithm and methodology are publicly available with a Creative Commons license.

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