Kyrgyz HighTech Park is a Virtual Port on a New Silk Road

Kyrgyz Republic is a new IT outsourcing destination!

My name is Azis, I am entrepreneur and I am from Kyrgyz Republic. Kyrgyz Republic is a small country in the center of Central Asia and it was on the heart of the route of Silk Road bridge between West and East in ancient times.

Now we are reviving old forgotten tradition — to be a bridge between West and East. If we used to be a country that passed oriental silk famous eastern kitchen herbs suppliers to the West, now we are reorienting to the modern tendency of supplying IT products and IT specialists. We have many advantages over other countries like India in this effort, and the main advantage is in our history. We were a part of Soviet Union, we are speaking fluent Russian and English. We are very good at languages — a real world example is the fact that I personally speak three foreign languages: English, Japanese, and Russian.

We have the benefit of being a small neighbor of big countries like Russia and China — some of the biggest markets of the world with biggest potential. We have loyal visa regimes and the geopolitical position of our country has always provided us a good opportunities to develop.

Now we are introducing the idea of becoming the new IT outsourcing destination and giving you a glimpse into the emerging opportunity on the New Silk Road. The New Silk Road is represented by Kyrgyz High Technology Park (HTP), or our Virtual Port.

The motto of our virtual port: The free movement of ideas, people, creativity, technology and innovation.

The tax incentives in KyrgyzHTP create the one of most favorable conditions for running business — a 1 percent tax on annual turnover and payroll tax amounts to less than 5% for employees.

Our park has an extraterritorial regime, meaning it has no borders and has become essentially a virtual park. The entire territory of Kyrgyz Republic is a high-tech park. You can live wherever you want in the Kyrgyz Republic and work for the whole world!


Our youth are qualified and highly-motivated to earn good money and continue improving their skills and knowledge. They want to be the leaders in the Central Asian region — as a democratic developing country with high potential in IT industry. Why? Because we have to admit the fact that we don’t have natural resources like oil and gas, that could provide us with bright and serene future.

Our biggest natural resource is our human resource, and we have chosen the way of being IT oriented country.

We have no another chance for new path of economic development based on innovations, knowledge, creativity, and potential of human resources. And our youth know this and are going to study IT, constantly replenishing our army of IT geeks.

International schools and educational institutions like American University in Central Asia, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, and others are working in accordance with the modern international standards to provide students with the highest level of education. As a result, they graduate as skilled, competitive graduates in various fields including Information Technologies, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Economics — specialists that are able to work for foreign IT companies.

But we don’t consider that flow of qualified specialists into other countries the best option for our people, that’s why my association helps local IT companies to be competent and competitive with other companies from Belarus to India, creating the ideal conditions for employees to work in their native country. Instead, working for foreign companies sitting here in heart of the Silk Road, contemplating our beautiful and untouched nature through the window, this gives us unrepeatable power and energy to create something new for the world.

Our capital city Bishkek is a developing and international city, with a high tolerance for different cultures and customs. Many Kyrgyz professionals and businessmen are concentrated here, as well as immigrants from Europe, the United State, and various other countries. This helps to make the city a nice, and convenient, place to conduct business.

Foreign companies have already began coming to our country based on its positive reputation as a fast developing IT market along with various financial reasons, such as this: an average hourly rate for programmers, for example, ranges from $30 to $35 (in June 2016), which translates into $55-$70,000 salary per year.

We know what a sea port, dry port and airport are, but what is the ‘virtual port’? You know we may not have oil and gas, but we have talented people and nature that gives energy and inspiration. We do not have access to the sea, but we have an ocean called the Internet, which will give us plenty of opportunities. Yes, and we have a virtual port! Our virtual port will serve as a virtual bridge to the Silk Road connecting East and West!

We will be your virtual window to Asia, and you are our window to the Silicon Valley, connecting the East and the West for common prosperity. If the highway and railway, seaway, airways can go one-way, sometimes a little more — the virtual road goes billions of ways.

So please consider outsourcing your IT to the Kyrgyz Republic, where the West meets the East. And Kyrgyz HighTech Park can be your Virtual Port on the New Silk Road providing you billions of ways for ideas, people, creativity, technology and innovation to move.

We are open to new ideas, collaboration and cooperation!