Meet GES Delegate: Lindsey Nguyen

SwiftComply’s Team. CEO Michael O’Dwyer, Head of Product Lindsey Nguyen, and COO David Gibbons.

Organization Name: SwiftComply

Country of Origin: Ireland

Twitter: @swiftcomply or @mslindseynguyen

Brief Description of Organization: SwiftComply connects food businesses, compliance vendors, and regulatory authorities to streamline environmental compliance on a simple online platform.

What inspired you to start this organization? I met Michael O’Dwyer at UCD Smurfit Business School and we had long discussions about better utilizing technology to solve urban and environmental challenges. Michael is an industry thought leader for FOG (fat, oil, and grease) programs and has a passion for looking after city infrastructure. My background in technology and interests in e-government and sustainability really sparked my passion for this problem. I’ve always wondered how you can reuse and recycle, and with this concept, there’s a lot of opportunity for governmental innovation to make improvements for all constituents. Thus, along with David Gibbons, Michael and I are bringing everything together in our solution.

What is the next big step you hope to help your organization reach? Launch pilots in different US cities. We’ve been building this idea in Ireland and we’ve met a few different city leaders in the US, but in order to really see it work, we need to pilot in the US. Naturally, the next big step involves a lot of logistical coordination — across different time zones, slightly different regulation requirements, and physically different locations!

What has been your biggest obstacle as an entrepreneur? Balancing all of the things you need to do AND finding the right order to tackle them! Some days, it’s refining the product and meeting customers but in order to actually build the product and meet the customers, you need funding. And with raising capital, people often want to see results, so you have to do everything at once. There’s a real finesse to coordinate all the moving parts.

What advice would you give other emerging entrepreneurs? Probably a few things: Tap into your crazy gene and just go for it! Surround yourself with ridiculously smart people who are passionate to solve problems. And definitely, be open-minded as you share your vision. You might get feedback that you may not like, but you have to really listen and persevere! I am continually challenged at SwiftComply in a million different ways, but I am constantly doing my best to learn and take on the next thing with the support of like-minded people!