Meet GES Delegate: Onmar Aung

Organization: Myanmar Myat Royal

Country of Origin: Myanmar(Burma)


Brief Description of Organization
 “Myanmar Myat Royal” represents glory, grace and royal of Myanmar. We work that our model dignity. We produce (8) holes bricks and transportation. We do all steps from production to collection materials, labors and transportation to supply their site like one stop service.
 Even our workshop is a small traditional business; we have a pretty market share cause of our good deeds that intend to customer’s convenience.
 We can undertake grand and splendid service in wide range of firm and well-meaning co-operative with reliable organizations.

What inspired you to start this organization?
 Inspiration that would start with the time I faced much struggle throughout my life. I had got a fully responsibilities of my family. At that time, my first desire and decision was to make my daughters’ future to be better and perfect as usual. It was exactly inspired me to start this organization. 
 At that time my country also faced crisis and inflation. So I struggled with difficulties but I did it. Later I want to give a hand to people who need help in education, social and so on. I want to create more job opportunities for others.

What is the next big step you hope to help your organization reach?
 For my Bricks workshop, I hope to be mass production with reasonable price and get more market share. For my newly set up Travel Agent, at least competitively to be in line with the level of regional tourism industries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. For Tourism Industry, we have real natural resources. Not artificial. Being a country that possess all real natural beauty and resources, we want to be a top country of Tourism in South East Asia.

What has been your biggest Obstacle as an entrepreneur?
 The biggest obstacle is not enough infrastructures and modern technology. And poor financial institutions for SME Like us. Nowadays, Myanmar is now gearing up for the reform of social, economic and political issues. On the other hand, we need capacity, human resource, good infrastructure and skilled people. Need sharing many trainings from developed country. And for our Yangon region, not enough electricity and terrible traffic jam are the main subjects to solve for new Yangon City Government. I am in parallel working in tourism industry as well. I am a good and reliable local partner for a good investor. The GES makes me my hope that I will be one of the Change Agent for our country one day.

What advice would you give other emerging entrepreneurs?
 I would like to advice other emerging entrepreneurs that you have to make your vision clear such as asset to the financial, asset to the market or asset to the technology and so on. If you are not clear, you should search for Business mentor. You should do proper financial structure. You should understand the people or the organization who run-up the same industry like you, not as your competitor, feel as your team with cooperation, coordination and collaboration. Having different life aspects, everybody may have different needs. While we are trying to achieve our point, some are difficult, some are not, according to their own experiences and individual conditions. Learning respective subject in GES, we can help people to be more organized. Let’s build the bridges that help us tickle Global Challenges together. We would get close each other and move on. I wish our entrepreneurs all the best.