Meet GES Delegate: Zhishan L.

Country of Origin: China

Organization Name: Asia Pacific Mining Finance / China-ASEAN Mineral Resources Online

Organization Website: /

China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum

Organization Description

Asia Pacific Mining Finance (aimed toward English-speakers) and China-ASEAN Mineral Resources Online (aimed toward Chinese-speakers) are independent mining information services & consulting web platforms specializing in the Asia-Pacific region. China-ASEAN Mineral Resources Online is the more developed of the two, and has been successful co-organizer of state-level international mining conferences. The companies offer assistance in mining rights trading, M&A, and import/export of mineral commodities, especially between international partners.

Inspiration to Start Organization

Before the age of 30, I lived, studied, and worked in more than 30 countries and territories around the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. I acquired a diverse education from several top-100 world universities, including Harvard; Permanent Residence in New Zealand through Skilled Migration; and the First Annual Model UN Workshop Certificate at United Nations Headquarters in New York as a young global leader. In particular, I acquired a unique state of mind while studying in Stanford and Silicon Valley to understand what could be accomplished by combining Chinese and Western cultures. When the entrepreneurial instincts that had helped me find success in the United States sensed venture possibilities in the fast-developing China-ASEAN regional partnership, I put my passion to work to really make a difference by integrating what I learned from both East and West.

Next Big Step

By gaining internships experience in a Fortune 500 Chinese state-owned energy company, I identified significant opportunities in Guangxi, China’s gateway to the ASEAN, and saw that efforts to integrate China into the wider regional mining industry were suffering from inefficiencies and business culture clashes. While I had no connections in the mining industry, I knew how important its success was to China. My English-language mining services web portal is under development and my next major goal is to have it fully operational as a new English-speaking business community center for mining consulting and my other regional ventures.

Biggest Obstacle as an Entrepreneur

The mining industry in China is notoriously difficult to enter for anyone. It is a complex and professional field, and it seemed like I had many disadvantages: I am young with no formal engineering knowledge, taking on first-hand the challenges facing women in the heavily male-dominated mining field. Since I decided to start my businesses I have been working twice as hard, building connections from scratch, and delivering results that had to be better than what others could do, just to prove I even belonged at the table.

Jiuzhou International Commercial Skyscraper

Advice to other Emerging Entrepreneurs

I believe that attitude determines altitude and aptitude decides latitude. Make an identity out of being an entrepreneur. At the end of every day, whether it was a productive day, a difficult day, or even a lazy day, knowing that you lived it as an entrepreneur will be a success that you can build on. In my story, I have gained success by helping global clients integrate into local markets; by making sustainability not just a buzzword but something desirable, practical, and profitable; and finally by helping and encouraging other women entrepreneurs to reach their goals.