GlobaliD joins the Open Payments Coalition along with Ripple, Uphold, and Brave

Jun 18, 2020 · 2 min read

Sending money today can be slow, expensive and annoying, in part due to identity silos and closed payment networks.

That’s why GlobaliD is thrilled to join the PayID Open Payments Coalition, an initiative to simplify global payments that includes more than 40 leading companies across tech, finance and nonprofit sectors that reaches 100 million consumers worldwide.

Whereas GlobaliD can privately and securely connect any two identities, PayID can connect any two accounts — be they traditional bank accounts or new digital wallets — across any payment network and in any currency.

PayID makes sending money simple and easy by breaking down existing payment silos and promoting open, interoperable standards — the first global solution of its kind.

PayID also replaces traditional routing numbers with easy-to-remember IDs — similar to email addresses — paying homage to the notion of a federated namepsace, as unique names are issued by each partner, including GlobaliD.

While GlobaliD sees value in what might be a universal namespace, the PayID solution looks and feels like a step in the right direction of getting to a MECE solution (mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive) that gets everyone thinking about how to make the Internet of Value a truly interoperable reality.

GlobaliD co-founder and CEO Greg Kidd:

Excited to see PayID pushing a solution for wallet/account routing and interoperability!

The founding members of the Open Payments Coalition include:

PayID is open, free and simple to integrate, allowing businesses to access more networks, consumers, and currencies to expand their businesses globally.

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