Job or Business — What Should You Prefer?

Job or Business — What Should You Prefer?

A large number of people often debate on the topic that whether it’s a good idea to go for their own start up leaving their regular job. Some successful people act as a role model in our eyes when we think of doing some out of the box. Not to mention, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates tops the chart. These are the people who think different and made their life their way. However, creating such stories requires a lot of determination, hard work and a bit of luck.

So we are here to discuss that whether it’s a good decision to go for your own start up or it’s good to carry on with your regular job. There are always two sides of a coin and no matter how desperate and hardworking you are, business always brings risk which everybody can’t afford. Let’s put some light on job vs business now!!

· Job is a serious nine to five affair and business seems to be your game. Actually, things are quite different. It is true that while duty hours are fixed and people have to follow them permanently, it seems like a businessman could have live a far better life. However, things are not similar what they seems to be. Being an employee, you can easily punch out at the end of the day but being a business owner, neither the day is yours nor the night.

· As far as responsibilities are concerned, a job might offers you limited nine to five responsibilities but while dealing in a business, things are not the same. If you want to take your business to newer heights of success, it’s important that you must work hard no matter it’s the day time or midnight. You might have observed mails from your boss at times when you were sleeping which means when you have no idea what going on your organization, he was sacrificing his relaxing hours just to place things in order.

· Success is something that needs immense efforts and no matter which business you are dealing in, you have to be always ready for challenges. However, business is always wrapped with risks and people who are able to get rid of these, always creates benchmarks. Job is less risky and in case you are working with a reputed firm and not a start-up, chances are high that you’ll experience an appropriate job security factor.

· There’s one important factor that we could consider more in business than in the job. We all crave to earn money and all our efforts are surrounded by a desire to earn a considerable amount of money. The first of every month is the day of glory for all the working employees but as far as business is concerned, the whole month belongs to you. Profit belongs to you and assets belongs to you. You can earn more money in comparison with even the top managerial panel.

· The proverb “live life king size” suits to an entrepreneur perfectly. Ordering people, screwing them for mistakes and experiencing the feeling of dominance is undoubtedly priceless. Being a business owner, you can feel all such perks and a bunch of people around you just got straighten up just by the sound of your boots in the corridor. The kind of respect you’ll get by your team is irreplaceable and the feeling is out of this world.

Job or business, the discussion is endless but the idea here is to let you know all the pros and cons of each of them. Competition is the word that best describes the essence of entrepreneurship and it is the only factor that decides your success rate. If we compare the competition ration in the two, the single page report will depict the comparison of the mammoth competition while doing a business and a small amount of competition which a normal job offers.

Being an employee, you always have to take care of your working hours and all your life goes under the umbrella of satisfying your managers and boss. Things are pretty opposite in a business. The major clients of your company always wanted to be in touch with you in spite of the executives that are handling the project. They depends upon you when it comes to compute the overall results.
While searching online, you can find enough matter on the topic job vs business and they can even make your mind for a final decision but if truth is to be believed, it’s almost impossible to comment. In cases, the decision is person specific and no matter how desperate you are to achieve success, a lot discussion and research is still needed to become a successful business owner. The research involves as to which business you are going to approach, how much investment it require and what are the risk factors associated to it.

A proper market research is always needed in order to beat the competitors sustained in the market already. If we talk about a job, you have to ensure your future by going for a reputed organization. Responsibilities of family and society somehow don’t allow individuals to think that big but believe me, even doing a simple job for the entire lifespan is not that easy. Whether it is job or business, hard work is essential. The only thing that differentiate the two is the intensity. While following your manager’s order you are bound with some responsibilities which you have to fulfill by the end of the day but while indulging into a business you have to fulfill long term objectives of your organization.

Being an entrepreneur, your growth is everybody’s growth under your banner, your objectives become everybody’s objectives and even the consequences will be same for everybody. Not everybody’s cup of tea, entrepreneurship is something that brings heights of challenges to your life but at the same time, normal job too is restricted to limited horizons in terms of both, financial growth as well as future perspectives.

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