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Android Development is one of the recently created careers due to the inception of smartphones which is in great demand nowadays. Sounds like one of the coolest jobs at the moment which has been attracting a number of youngsters day by day. Android developer job is someone who develops mobile applications for an android device which is then submitted at Google Play Store so that various users can download it for use. Before coming down in the favor of this career option, it is important to details regarding the same. Let’s study how one can become an Android developer.

Learn About Tools Like Android SDK, Eclipse + ADT Plugin

Android application can be developed on PC, Mac, or even a Linux machine. Moreover, it is good to know that the tools needed to develop an android application are totally free of cost. In order to become an android application developer, first of all, you have to learn about such tools i.e. Java SE, Android SDK, and Eclipse IDE. These tools are available for free and are necessary to develop android application.

Learn ‘Java’

If you are thinking of becoming an Android developer, it is quite essential to learn a programing language like ‘Java’. Strong command over Java is required to develop a decent android app. Java is the building block of android development and to become an android developer, it is important for you to become comfortable with concepts of ‘Java’ such as loops, lists, variables, control structure, etc.

Search android developer jobs only when you are well versed with ‘Java’. Make sure that you know ins and outs of this language so as to become a successful Android application developer.

Understand Android Application Lifecycle

Before engaging in such a career, it is essential to know each and every detail regarding the same. Maybe you’ve worked on developing a windows application but developing a mobile application requires different expertise & skill set. You need to develop a function for how your application would respond if a phone rings or similar situations.

Learning about android lifecycle enables you to create an application which is free of bugs and thus provide users a decent experience.

Learn Android API

Android API adds new packages to the command set. These packages allow you to write code that controls everything. Once you have strong command on these packages, you’ll be able to add more features to your Android application.

Be Thirsty For Knowledge

Developer jobs are all about learning new things. It is a sort of lifelong learning where you must have thirst for learning new things. In the rapidly developing landscape of mobile apps, android developers must keep an eagle’s eye on the new and latest technology or also look for innovating something own their own.

Make necessary changes from time to time so that you can update your application and thus offers the best possible experience to the users. No matter how advanced you get, don’t stop investigating, exploring, playing around, and asking questions. A company will hire you if you have the right knowledge, expertise and skill set.

So what you need is to work according to the above — mentioned tips and gain the right knowledge, expertise, and skills. Keep practicing as practice makes a man perfect. Developing an Android application is not an easy task and thus it is important to have the right expertise & skill set.

How To Find Android Developer Jobs?

These field is enhancing and thus to find such jobs is not a tough task. There are various online portals and mobile applications that can help you fetch your desired jobs and IT Jobs is one of them. You can easily register on this portal for free and fetch your desired jobs. This is exclusively designed for offering cost-effective jobs in IT section. This portal is free of cost and will offer genuine and verified jobs to the individuals. Hope our research would help you.

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