Let’s Reveal The Secret Of A Great Lab Technician & How To Hire The Right One!

A lab technician is one of the most sought-after career options nowadays. These are the individuals who conduct tests used by doctors and other medical professionals to diagnose and treat disease. According to the recent studies, the job prospects for this profession are quite high and this is expected to grow at an exponential rate in the near future.

Lab technician jobs come with great responsibility and thus it is important that a lab technician should possess some notable qualities. Let’s reveal the secrets of a great lab technician and study some ways to hire the same.

Great Scientific Knowledge

Scientific knowledge is the heart of lab technician jobs and one must possess great knowledge regarding the same before actually stepping a foot in this career. Even though the technician might not conduct research alone but s/he needs to possess decent knowledge of chemicals to work effectively.

Search for lab technician jobs, if you are capable of conducting such lab tests. A lab technician should be proficient enough in technological areas and hold the knowledge of science-related subjects such as biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, physics, and biology.

Decent Communication Skills

Being a lab technician, it is important to have decent communication skills so that you can convey the required information to other team members and doctors. Your job is not only confined to conduct the test but also requires conveying the results of the same.

Apart from verbal, a lab technician might also need to document data gathered by him/her and thus s/he should have decent writing skills as well (if required).

Technological Skills

Only knowledge and communication is not enough to become a great lab technician as technical skills are equally important. This is a tech era where one needs to work on software and applications. Thus it is necessary that a lab technician should be well — versed with the same.

It also includes the knowledge of medical software such as EMR software, test routine software, test result delivery software, and laboratory information system software. An individual also knows about spreadsheets and word processing programs. Remember, the employer will hire you only and only if you have knowledge of all such things.


It is significant that a lab technician should be flexible in terms of working hours. There is no particular time of working and s/he might have to work for several hours without halting the work. It is around the clock job where timings don’t play any special role as you have to be there whenever doctor needs you. A lab technologist can be called at any time and thus you may need to work for long hours.

How to Hire the Right Candidate?

Look, hiring the accurate lab technician is not everyone’s cup of tea and thus we are here with some effective tips and tricks.

  • Hire lab technician who possesses all the above — mentioned qualities. Check his/her scientific knowledge, technological skills, communication skills, and flexibility.
  • Look for a technician who is experienced as s/he already understands his/her job, roles and responsibilities.

Not everyone possesses such skills and thus not everyone can become a lab technician. If you wish to engage in these jobs, one must work ward to possess the above skills. Hire the right candidate by using Healthcare Jobs.

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