Six New Types of Jobs Created by Content Marketing

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3 min readFeb 25, 2019


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Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach which primarily focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain the clearly defined audience. This is a new type of marketing strategy which is getting popular day by day. This type of marketing strategy is good for increasing sales, cost savings and to expand your customer list. This strategy has undoubtedly widened career options by creating several new jobs.

Let’s get to know about 6 new types of job opportunities created by content marketing:

1. Content Strategist

Let’s start our list with one of the most important members of the content marketing team which is none other than content strategist. Basically, he is an individual who develops a content strategy based on the company’s business objective and end user’s needs. This person offers proper information about what content has to be written for the company so as to make a positive image among the audience.

2. Content Writer

The content writer is one of the most important pillars of content marketing because he or she is the one who creates relevant and valuable content for marketing purpose. This job option is trending day by day and is attracting lots of youngsters annually. Earlier, no one clearly recognizes this job but time has changed now and now this has become one of the most sought after career options of the present time.

Most web content writers are self — employed and work as a freelancer. They produce a wide variety of content for the web and write everything as according to the client’s instructions.

3. Content Editor

Another pillar of this content marketing industry is none other than a content editor. As the name implies, he or she is a person who edits and reviews the content written by a content writer. This job includes right from handling grammatical mistakes to making small changes in content. The content editor is actually the one who decides what and how much information is going to be published. This is one of the best-known media jobs of the current time. The content editor usually works in design agencies, media companies, and IT Consultancies.

4. Content Manager

The content manager is the head of all the above-mentioned positions as his duties include creating, improving and maintaining the content so as to meet the company’s objectives and goals. Apart from this, his duties also include sharing the content to raise brand awareness and monitoring web traffics and metrics to identify best practices. The employers will hire you only and only if you have enough potential to perform all these duties.

5. Digital Content Marketer

Content marketing is the combination is content creation and its marketing. Digital marketer is a person who is responsible for marketing the content digitally so as to enhance brand awareness and to target a particular audience. This person utilizes several modern techniques such as social media, web analytics, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and many more. It is his duty to perform marketing in such a way that it can actually hit the target and creates a positive image of your company or client.

6. Social Media Manager

Last but not least, the social media manager is yet another job vacancy created by the content marketing field. Basically, a social media manager is the one who creates and implements the organization’s social media strategy, develops brand awareness, generates inbound traffic, and encourages product adoption. He or she is the person who decides the best time to publish the content on social media so as to yield the maximum profit.

So, the list of new jobs created by content marketing is quite long but these 6 positions are the important 6 pillars without which content marketing is nothing. Choose any one of them as per your interest and talent and apply for the same as soon as possible.