Artsy, edgy or trendy? As long as it’s chocolate…

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Happy? Chocolate. Sad? Chocolate. Celebrating? Chocolate. Whatever, chocolate. Chocolate is always the answer. But not just any chocolate. Chocolate strawberry hearts for Valentine’s day, chocolate egg for Easter, a Santa Claus one for Christmas, football shaped chocolates for the Super Bowl… Litteraly every event has its matching chocolate. At least Godiva do their best to make it like so, because, let’s face it, we just need an excuse to stuff our faces with truffles.

Screenshot of Godiva’s Instagram

Looking through Godiva’s different social media channels, you will inevitably feel the urge to go buy yourself a little box of chocolates. Just take a quick look and you will start thinking that you need chocolate for Every. Moment. Of. Your. Life. Trust me, I am not a bif fan of chocolate myself but after checking their Instagram account I surprisingly started craving some…

What? You don’t like chocolate either? Too sweet you say? How about you buy your own raw chocolate powder and head over to Godiva’s Youtube channel to find some recipe inspiration? You will for sure find something that works for you. And if you still don’t want to eat it, how about you use it for decoration?

Video taken from Godiva’s Youtube channel.

Pinterest and Facebook will also be a great source for you to find all the latest news about the brand or learn about the composition of all their creations. Google+ or Twitter however are probably not the best places for you to interact with the brand.

In the sea of chocolate brands, where does Godiva stand compared to the competition? I believe that Instagram is the perfect place to get a great overview of the brand’s identity.

Valfhona’s feed for example clearly screams “professional”. Every picture is like a piece of art. Everything feels so delicate and well executed. Refined is probably what best describes the brand. No wonder their cocoa is used by the best patissiers in the world.

Mast, a pretty young brand founded in 2007, is clearly for the edgy hipter. Beyond their excellent chocolate, they also take special consideration of their packaging. The kind of packaging you would feel guilty of tearing apart. The beautiful and colorful graphics catch the eye and bring a signature to the brand. Even if you are not craving chocolate, or even if you are skeptical about the quality, you would still buy at least one chocolate bar just because it looks pretty.

Godiva, lastly, has a much less definite target. Their chocolate is for everyone. It is for the ones who likes to gift it, for the ones who like to eat it and for the ones who like to work with it in their own kitchen. If you are on the go and need your little chocolate fix, you can grab a cup of hot cocoa; if you are feeling romantic and want to surprise your significant other, you can get your hands on a cone of chocolate covered strawberries; if you do not want to go empty handed to that big family reunion, a box of mixed chocolates is the best way to make everyone happy… As long as you like chocolate, you are already a potential Godiva fan. No need for the brand to narrow its target. Everybody loves chocolate, because chocolate just makes everything better.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #Luxemarketing #NCStateGLM

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