Cartier: A Journey into Style

There are millions of luxury companies in the world, but the brand or mark that they make on the world is how they really get their business going and respected. Cartier, for example, has a style of luxury to its products that no other company can match. Every time that see an advertisement or social media post from this French company, you can truly see their unique adaptation of luxury modeling and the story to their products that attracts many customers. In connection to this, Cartier, also has strong social footprint that uses different types of media, that is a great representation of in its category, and one that stands out against its competitors companies as well. You can see their unique sense of style in website using the link below.

Cartier is using the most current forms of media in this decade. Cartier utilizes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. All of these forms of media help their company to present its fascinating styles of watches, rings, necklaces, and all forms of jewelry showcasing their beautiful diamonds. They also connect on a different level as well, because in every advertisement they create they display a story of the same themes but it appears as if it is a different universe. They use their social media platforms to post stylish advertisements like on YouTube, to show fashion shoots of the product such as on Facebook or Instagram, and to create blogs and media attraction in posts, like their information on Tumblr. You can get a glimpse what their style is like from the watching an advertisement on theirs from below.

In reference to customer engagement through social media platforms, Cartier is doing a great job. In comparison to Harry Winston on Facebook, Cartier has around 3 million likes on its page, while Harry Winston only has about 300,000. In comparison to Mikimoto on Facebook, they only have about 300,000 likes as well. The other companies have YouTube and Instagram as well, but Cartier has about 80,000 followers, while Harry Winston only has about 300 followers, and Mikimoto only has around 80 followers.

Overall, as well, Cartier creates a more unique story in their design model, while the other two companies, and uses more realistic events or events-based advertisements. This is, without a doubt the reason that Cartier is viewed as a more luxurious and elegant company for jewelry and why it has surpassed the customer engagement and sales of its competitor companies. It is truly a great company and I respect what it is doing in the field of luxury businesses. You can view the image below to witness the work that this amazing company has done recently against its competitors.

*This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.