Cartier, more than a jeweler or a watchmaker … the new “Hitch” of our time

After spending some time in the US, I learnt one thing from walking in the streets of New-York or Raleigh: young ladies (between 25–35) wearing a discreet — yet fascinating — Cartier Love Bracelet.

Master of jewelry and watchmaking, the house founded in 1847 by Louis Cartier has probably never been so popular among young adults. I especially talk about men, finding equivalent — if not better — weapons of mass seduction alongside their girlfriend than Hitch’s (played by Will Smith) advice.

The success of Cartier, whether it be from jewels or watches, achieved to pass from a generation to another since its creation. Unlike some luxury brands such as Hermès, Cartier managed to be well known worldwide and is still keeping that status today. It seems obvious that in addition to leopards, Cartier has well tamed the different social media supports necessary to evolve within our over-connected world.

You will probably remember the 2012 short film “L’Odyssée de Cartier” widespread on the Internet as well as on TV for a short period of time in France, the US, the UK, Switzerland, China, Taiwan and many other countries.

Generally speaking, Cartier is present on a large panel of social media : Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but also Youtube and Pinterest. The house is really active — posting a lot of content online — and gathers millions of followers (see the graph below).

Number of followers in the different social media

On the web, Cartier achieves to distinguish itself, compared to most of its competitors based on its social media footprint.

What struck me most when looking for Cartier on Google, is that the main website but also all the social media pages of the brand are displayed at once on the search page. In other words, customers and fans are able to find all they want to know about the company in one clic (not the expression, I really mean one physical clic). Even Google images is perfectly calibrated for Cartier products. For example, looking for Love Bracelets here will allow you to find all the necessary information : pictures, materials (yellow, white or pink gold, black ceramic, platinum), prices and even model shootings.

I have browsed some competitors such as Hublot for watches and Tiffany & Co for jewelry and analyzed their presence on social media. In number of followers, Hublot is behind Cartier but Tiffany&Co does definitely better, as the comparative graphic below shows.

However, both Hublot and Tiffany&Co do not have a huge social media footprint when it comes to browsing them on the web. The first results on Google are their main website and Facebook / Twitter pages. But you will not find their Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest ones. On Google images, only logos and some unlabeled products can be found for Tiffany&Co. Hublot does indeed better with a variety of watches tagged with their prices and specifications.

Overall, Cartier distinguishes itself online by showing a more efficient social media footprint in term of relevant information that can be displayed within browsers, compared to its competitors. It gathers all their pros without their cons. The number of its followers on the different social media supports — even if lower than Tiffany&Co — helps the brand staying among the top of jewelers and watchmakers.

Two Love Bracelets (pink gold)

So it is time to rise and shine gentlemen ! You have now all the reasons to be better than Hitch and jump on the opportunity to be romantic and seduce once more the woman of your life (even if you are a bit frightened by the prices of some jewels as I can sometime be) !

PS : for all women out there, I apologize if I may have hurt you talking about “young ladies”. Remember what Coco Chanel said “No one is young past 40+ years, but everyone can be irresistible at any age”. You are all irresistible to me.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.