Celebration in Every Sip of Dom Pérignon

Karl Lagerfeld for Dom Pérignon

What comes to mind when you think of Champagne? When I think of Champagne, it symbolizes life celebrations or experiences filled with happiness and bubbly memories.

Dom Pérignon has held it’s title as the finest and highest quality Champagne wine on the market ever since it’s creation in 1668. Dom Pérignon was first presented before the Kings and Queens but who is the Dom Pérignon consumer today?

Dom Pérignon has taken their timeless legacy to transform their brand to conform to the new age of luxury consumers. Through their imagination and passion, Dom Pérignon has pushed the boundaries using a creative vision to propel their brand to the future of luxury. From the presentation to the corkage to finally taking a sip, those who consume Dom Pérignon feel special throughout the entire experience.

The infamous Champagne label has mastered understanding their consumers. As a result, they have created exclusive limited edition bottles and accesories highly valued by their customers. Dom Pérignon has collaborated with different designers and artsits of the century such as Andy Warhol, Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, Iris Van Herpen, and Jeff Koon. These designers are all valued by the Dom Pérignon consumer.

Limited Editions for Dom Pérignon by Jeff Koon, Louis Vuitton, and Iris Van Herpen

Dom Pérignon attracts different consumers with an array of backgrounds, cultures, and wealth. Consumers of Dom Pérignon are highly respected and admired individuals who have the wealth to afford a $200-$20,000+ bottle of Dom Pérignon. Dom Pérignon has their loyal consumers as well as their new consumers(who D.P. has begun to target). Here is the breakdown:

Loyal Consumers


Gentlemen: Historically and currently, Dom’s main consumers are males who enjoy lavish lifestyles → owning multiple homes and cars, dressing in fine tailored suits, and enjoying exotic travels around the world. These male consumers are highly educated and have gained respect in their business field or community. They hold high executive positions making six or seven figure salalries. Some may be family men but the majority are young bachelors.


Old Money: Consumers of Dom Pérignon also come from “old money”. The term old money defines upper-class families who have inherited wealth from previous generations. These individuals represent status and social acceptance. Just like wealth being passed from generation on, values and views are often passed down. Families that grew up drinking Dom Pérignon at celebratory gatherings or during times of relaxation will pass these traditions down.

On the other hand, Dom Pérignon has turned a new page in their company by attracting new consumer segments.

New Consumers

Young Affluent Individuals: Dom Pérignon has revamped their brand in order to attract a prominently growing market, the younger generation. Dom’s new age of marketing is primarily to target 21–35 year olds with high disposable income. These affluents include fashion icons, musicians, athletes, and business professionals. On one hand, some young consumers are new to their wealth so they want to be showy with their logos while other young consumers grew up exposed to wealth and the nicer things in life so they expect to drink Dom. A young Dom consumer is very fashionable and brand heavy. If they’re drinking nice Champagne, then its almost guaranteed that they drive a nice car, own an expensive handbag(or 4+), wear designer/premium clothing, and live in a nice house/apartment.


Women: Women have always been a Dom Pérignon drinker but it hasn’t been until recently that women have been a targeted consumer. The typical woman for DP is highly affluent. These consumers are extremely fashionable and love top recognized labels. They are very classy so they tend to be less interested in fads but more interested in the classic styles with a modern twist or a trendy edge. Their overall look is polished and put together from head to toe. They are total socialites, hosting parties at their homes or an upscale venue. They run in small tight-knit communities with other socialites and wealthy individuals but are also involved in philanthropic services and know a lot of people outside their circles.

The Car Connoisseur: Consumers who drink Dom Pérignon enjoy all things lavish. Based off their different collaborations and Social Media posts, it became apparent that one of Dom’s targeted consumers are the “car connoisseurs”. Most car fanatics are typically males(s0me are female-including me). These individuals are willing to spend big bucks for a car with superior performance and innovative design. Since they enjoy the experience and the feeling of excitement that comes with a luxury car, they also enjoy the experience of a bottle of Dom Pérignon.

Pictured Left: Dom Pérignon Instagram & Pictured Post Right: Collaboration with Aston Martin

The Luxury Traveler: One last major consumer for Dom Pérignon are the luxury travelers. Travelers enjoy splurging and indulging during vacations so they’re willing to spend the money on a nice bottle of Champagne. A fantastic bottle of Dom Pérignon adds to the ultimate traveling experience. Luxury travelers enjoy vacationing on private or chartered jets traveling to hard to reach destinations as well as vacationing on massive yachts in the Mediterranean.