Drinking The Stars: Dom Pérignon Edition

Dom Pérignon’s Tumblr
“Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!” -Dom Pérignon

The heritage of the Dom Pérignon, the French Champagne label, is as arousing as its status. The elite Champagne powerhouse attained it’s name after the monk, Dom Pierre Pérignon. He perfected the art of Champagne which led to the creation of the first high quality Champagne exclusive enough for the Royal Court of Versaille. Ultimately, Mr. Pérignon himself, aspired to create “the best wine in the world” which has created the foundation of the brand centuries later.

Dom Pérignon’s Tumblr

Dom Pérignon is the crème de la crème in the world of Champagne. You can spot a bottle of the prestigious cuvée champagne from a mile away. Dom Pérignon is a vintage wine that is only created during certain years which creates a rarity and demand around the world. You always see rappers popping bottles of Dom in a music video to give off an appearance of wealth or mega millionaires sipping on a vintage Dom on their yachts in the port of Monaco. Very few individuals can afford Dom Pérignon on a regular basis, but many aspire to (just a sip would be nice…). The select few who can afford Dom Pérignon enjoy the top quality taste coupled with uniqueness and creativity as well as the reputation that’s incomparable to anything of its kind.

Dom Perignon embodies key characterstics for a luxury product that they also incorporate into their social media:

  • Rarity
  • Excellence
  • Expensiveness
  • Timelessness
  • Pleasurable
  • Experience

Dom Pérignon has used social media to remind the world of their past, their present, and their future. Dom Pérignon is present on a multitude of social media platforms: a very active Facebook page with over 385.2k likes, an Instagram page with 455 posts and 273k followers as well as over 311k hashtags using #domperignon, a Youtube channel with over 1.98k subscribers, multiple intensive Tumblr sites, a blog on Medium: Creating Dom Pérignon, and of course, their own website. Since Dom Pérignon has a large following on all social media accounts, they are very active and engaging with their followings as well as producing appealing content. All of their social media channels describe the brand’s heritage as well as its creative future. They consistently share the lifestyle and perspective of a Dom Pérignon consumer: one who strives to live the best through thrilling travels in order to seek the pursuit of pleasure and indulgence.

DP’s Wesbite and Instagram
Infographic of Total Fans on Facebook

A recent survey, found that Dom falls in second place for most fans on Facebook, trailing behind Moet & Chandon. Ironically, Moet & Chandon produces Dom Pérignon and serves as Moet’s prestige Champagne label. In a sense, Dom Pérignon has the highest total fan for a top high quality Champagne label.

Dom Perignon’s Tumblr

Collaboration between Aston Martin and Dom Pérignon

In the past year, Dom Pérignon gained a lot of social media attention from their collaboration with luxury car maker, Aston Martin. As a result, the prestige Champagne brand and the luxury car maker offered the Rapide S Dom Pérignon Deuxieme Plénitude Special Kit. The kit was found in the back of the Aston Martin Rapide S model: consisting of 3 bottles of vintage 1998 Dom Pérignon, 4 crystal glasses, and a bottle opener all stored in a handmade removable cellar..…..because why not?

Dom Perignon

The promotional collaboration between luxury brands gained alot of media attention. It was a great opportunity for the brands to share the collaboration on their social media accounts to capture the experience a consumer could have with both Aston Martin and Dom Pérignon for the ultimate luxury road trip/getaway.

Aston Martin/Dom Perignon

Ultimately, Dom Pérignon has grown into one of the top luxury Champagne brands and their social media reassures their dominant presence in the wine and spirits industry. From a single sip of Dom, they transform consumer’s dreams into realities through providing an exquisite and one of a kind experience. As for me……I’m still dreaming and waiting for my Dom Pérignon moment.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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