Godiva - Petit Plaisir

Are you a chocolate lover? If you are appreciating life, entertaining friends, traveling, wining and dining, and indulging in the luxuries of life, then sooner or later, you will indulge in Godiva.

Hailey just turned 26 and graduated with a law degree from Harvard. She has secured a job with a leading international law firm in New York City which has offices in New York, Paris and London. She is a creative thinker with a pragmatic business mind, an entrepreneurial spirit with an international outlook and an appreciation for luxury goods. Between her very busy schedule, she enjoys trying new restaurants, exploring new cities and has an exceptional love for life on this beautiful earth.

During her travels she met Jerome, 35, who lives in Paris. He has an Italian father and French mother. Jerome is an engineer with Dassault Aviation and enjoys the finer things in life; skiing in the Swiss Alps, romantic dinners on the River Seine, upscale restaurants, and vineyard tours. He regularly enjoys Formula One races and attends a number of the international events each year between air shows. He loves to entertain and prepare exotic meals for his guests which comprise a mixture of Italian and French cuisine and of course exquisite wine.

Although traveling regularly, Hailey and Jerome find time to enjoy each other’s company and that of their friends. They both entertain guests and clients and dine in various restaurants in some of the world’s most renowned global cities.

The lifestyle of Hailey and Jerome

Both Hailey and Jerome would fall within the category of a target consumer for Godiva. With over 450 boutiques and shops worldwide, and as a global leader in premium confectionary with well thought out chocolate combinations and stylish packaging, Godiva’s target market is the affluent who lives to experience all the luxuries life has to offer. Hailey and Jerome travel to the most exquisite places while also enjoying being able to indulge in the finer goods such as delicious Godiva chocolate.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own and reflect my personal point of view.