Godiva: Providing Men with Last-Minute Gifts Since 1926

53% of women claimed that they would dump their significant others if they forgot to get them a gift on Valentine’s Day.
Ad Week, 2015

Michelle Chin, Godiva’s VP of Marketing in North America, also said that a Godiva store during the last two days of the holiday, is full of 80% males.

Honestly, I’m not surprised.

Forgetting Valentine’s Day can be a pretty big deal and apparently it could be a deciding factor of your relationship. But don’t worry, men, Godiva is here to help!


According to my research, men may not be the typical Godiva consumer on a daily basis, but it’s obviously their go-to brand for those last-minute gifts. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to receive a huge, heart-shaped box of Godiva chocolate? I wouldn’t say no. Men may just be the key target market for Godiva around the holidays.

Meet John.


John. 32. Forgot it was Valentine’s Day. It’s a good day to be John…


It’s been a very long week at the firm. Between work and the brand new baby at home, John hasn’t had the time to get his wife a gift yet. He has about one hour to figure this out before his wife starts to really worry. Determined to get a great gift, John rolls out of the lot in his jet-black Audi convertible and decides to run by the mall on the way home. And where does he stop? Godiva, of course. Because his wife only deserves the best on Valentine’s Day.

Who really is John?

John is a great husband- don’t get me wrong. He is just a very busy man. Living in Charlotte, NC, John is a successful lawyer who has provided well for his family. While he works very hard, he loves to spend time with family and friends on the weekends. John’s hobbies include going to the gym and watching football (when he’s not actually at the game). He also loves to travel to new places and did so with his wife, before they had a child. John is well educated and willing to invest in good brands. He is tech-savvy and therefore pays attention to social media when he has the time. John gets his coffee from Starbucks every morning, on-the-go, and drinks about three more cups during the day. He is a loyal consumer and sticks to what he knows are quality, premium brands. John therefore only wants the best for his wife as well.

Why does John choose Godiva?

Godiva makes it easy for John. While John had a mishap and is running a little behind, he is determined to treat his wife to something special. He knows he can easily stop by a Godiva store and pick up any assorted box of chocolates and his wife will love it. The chocolate is great quality and he doesn’t have to wrap it himself as it already comes in the perfect packaging. He also knows that a brand like Godiva has a great reputation and it won’t come off as a cheap, last minute gift. Convenience, service, and quality are the most important factors John is looking for and he has achieved this with Godiva. John has turned what could have been a disaster….


…into a win for all. Happy Valentine’s Day, John.


This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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