HACKED: By The Modern Day Gatsby

You’ll be invited to a Gatsby Party if you read this!

I guess Christina should never leave her medium account open, because people like me will be tempted to write a blog. These past couple of weeks Christina has been posting tons of blogs about Dom Perignon.

Well you’re in luck because I, Antonio Gatsby, will be providing you with insightful information on the typical Dom Perignon client. I suppose you’re wondering how on earth would I know what a Dom Perignon client is like? It’s simple; I am a Dom Perignon client.

Here’s one of my Instagram posts to prove it…

The deal is I’ll tell you a little bit about my life, and in exchange you’ll learn a lot more on what it takes to be a Dom Perignon client.

It’ll be grand.


As stated, my name is Antonio Gatsby, if we’re being precise, Antonio Gatsby III. I am currently 30 years old. I studied abroad in London, graduating with a law degree from Oxford University.

I have been a Manhattan native my entire life; it is grand. I have my own loft on Time Square, which I’m sharing with my model girlfriend. I’d rather not say any names, don’t want to draw any more publicity. Plus our relationship is still on the down low. Anyways, back to describing my houses. I have a vacation home in Monaco, where I station my yacht. I use it to explore the Mediterranean Sea. I went around last summer, and it was truly magical. A company even made a commerical from one of our trips.

Lastly, I have built a mansion in northern California for the day I decided to settle down. The rest of my real estate is scattered around the world. I’m sure you have plenty more important things to read about old sport.


What do I do for a living you might ask? Wonderful question old sport lets just say the bulk of my money comes from inheritance, and the rest from investments. Needless to say, money is not an issue to me. As a side job, I have my own recording label, producing for top artists. How do you think the song “Champagne Showers” came into play? I definitely used my love for champagne to come up with that song.


I have a number of hobbies that stuck with me throughout the years. The top on the list is throwing parties! I truly have a love for throwing parties, it’s grand you see. I love connecting people, watching people mingle with others. I want my place to be the epicenter of social life in New York City, or for any place for that matter of fact. I’m sure you’ve heard or been to a Gatsby party while in New York! If not, well consider this a personal invitation. No need for an address, my place is known. You just need to simply ask around. I order nothing less than Dom Perignon to my events, it’s a memorable signature.

The parties never end…

Aside from being social, I regularly go horseback riding. I own two horses, Lucy and Snow. I have been horseback riding ever since I was little. It runs in the family. A few other hobbies include playing golf, tennis and the piano.


There are two things that I like just as much as Dom Perignon. That’s cars and made-to-measure suits. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I never leave my house without a full suit on. The only expectation is on golf days, I’ll wear a polo. Take a look at my closet for yourself…

My love for cars is endless; I am the definition of a true car enthusiast. I have a collection of cars myself. Lastly, show me a made-to-measure suit, and I’ll fall in love. I have a grand closet that holds my 100 made in Italy custom tailored suits, along with cashmere sweaters and linen pants that my stylist ships to me from France.

Oh, and I almost forgot my love for food! You need to follow me on snapchat to know the best places to eat, @therichkid-antoniogatsby


If you were starting to fall in love with Antonio Gatsby, I am sorry to break your heart; however, he is an imaginary persona. Yes, this was all a mere set up to aid you in experiencing one of Dom Perignon’s consumer profiles. You’ll find below the consumer profile for Antonio Gatsby, a targeted market for Dom Perignon.

I apologize for any emotional distress I might have caused through my deceiving methods. Until the next post, it shall be grand!

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my owns and reflect my personal point of view.