Juliette, the feeling for beauty

Juliette and her friend Constance

The brand Les Merveilleuses has been created for women who enjoy being women and who value something that enchants them no reasonably but intrinsically. The brand offers graceful cosmetics products to make each application a magic moment. Juliette is one the brand consumers. She loves the sophistication and the elegance of these beauty products.

Her universe

Juliette loves small moments of life. She likes walking through Paris without destination, reading books, discovering new cafés and restaurants in little known areas and lying down on the grass. She is Parisian but she is not like the other ones. She is not stressed out, she is not too busy, she is not always in a rush, she just takes the time to live, the time to contemplate, the time to appreciate all the moments in a day.

Juliette is 24 and lives in an apartment with her little brother, Gaspard, who just turned 20 earlier this month. They share together an apartment in the Latin Quarter, in the lovely district of St-Germain-des-Prés. On the 7th floor of a Haussmann building, the apartment offers something rare in Paris: a little balcony with a view over the rooftops. She always marvels at this fascinating view.

Thanks to her father and his passion of Art, Juliette loves spending her free time in cultural places. She likes going at the Comédie-Française and discover new plays on Thursdays evenings or watching a ballet at the Opera Garnier with her friends studying at the Sorbonne. On weekends, she really enjoys revisiting Paris and its secret, free wandering the gardens, and going to exhibitions in Grand Palais to discover new artists. In her daily life, peaceful and inspirational music drives her emotionally.

She particularly loves the simplicity and the elegance of the cosmetics products Les Merveilleuses. When she puts make-up, she feels as setting off on a journey. This is always a peaceful and enjoyable moment of her day. What she loves the most is applying blush onto her cheeks for a light and natural look. It makes her face shine and lit up instantly. Putting her makeup is not a tedious routine for her, she regards her cosmetic products as a way to externally express her mood. She makes every day unique through her makeup decision, and remembers the story and meaning behind each colour of her lipsticks.

If you ask Juliette what are her passions, she will respond without any hesitation art and photography. She enjoys making theatre and playing at a given time the life of someone else, filled with diverse emotions. She plays piano and considered it as an escape, and she likes taking pictures of landscapes and unknown people in the street to capture unique moments of life.

She cares about the cultural heritage of the different places in the world, and supports the values of her country. She will always defend the gender equality and strongly reject misogyny. The beauty through makeup is for her her perfect way to feel good about herself.