Les Merveilleuses from Ladurée, conquering the cosmetics sector

Ladurée is usually known for its famous Parisian tea salons and pastry shops, with the delicious and pastel-colored macaroons. And yet, Ladurée has recently launched in France, Japan and Asia its new brand “Les Merveilleuses”, offering cosmetics products for women.

The idea behind this launch is to create magic moments for women who put make-up. The collection aims at sensitive and sophisticated women to transform the make-up into a daily ritual, a private rendez-vous. The makeup then becomes a very fancy accessory.

“ Especially created for women who enjoy being women, and who value something that enchants them not reasonably but intrinsically. ”
This new cosmetics brand tries steps by steps to put its footprint in the social media area and fit with the cosmetic sector standards. Demonstration.

The beauty industry is a very specific universe. Working for women’s beauty often means for the brands to make the women dream. But not only that! Building a relationship of trust is most important in this universe. As a matter of fact, when a woman purchases a cosmetics product, most of time she chooses this product thanks to a positive advice received. The choice of the product and the brand depend thus on an opinion, and this opinion becomes a crucial element in the customer’s choice. Thus, beyond blogs and forums that concentrate the advices of customers on a product, each brand has to share its content on social media and interact with its community of fans.

Driven by consumers’ engagement online, the cosmetics brands have a real opportunity on social media to divulge relevant content on their products and their universe. For them, the best way to benefit from a lot of content online is to get opinion from individuals and from fashion magazines. To do so, Twitter is the first online channel which mention cosmetics brands. The majority of the publications and tweets come from magazines such as Vogue, Grazia or Elle, which write and share content about the cosmetics brands. Lancôme, Guerlain and L’Occitane are the most notorious brands on social media. Indeed, they are the most quoted, therefore magazines and individuals share many content on their products.

Today, Les Merveilleuses is still little known among the public for benefiting from external content. The brand writes its own content, and starts to count on its retailers and stores to announce or repost its publications. The famous store Sephora in France starts to share information about this brand’s products, and other stores follow the same way. Now, the brand should keep developing its notoriety and make itself known by the fashion journalists and magazines, to let them talk and write about its products.

The strategy of cosmetics brand on social media is also to create a community of consumers and fans, and interact with them. Chanel, Dior and Mac Cosmetics are the best brands to have created a community and have established ties with them. These brands share their universe to be closest to their customers; they respond to their followers, repost their pictures and engage them through posts and games to make them participate in the brand content thanks to affluent channels such as Facebook and Instagram. These two channels are very favorable to the cosmetics sector as they focus on the images and can thus create a real universe around the brand image.

For the new cosmetics brands, the social media area is a really good way to get know rapidly by the population. Indeed, they are able to share very easily their styling universe and become as close as possible from the individuals. Thus, Les Merveilleuses has managed to make its brand known and to show proximity with its customers by maintaining a dialog with them. Its Facebook and Instagram pages present the unique universe of the brand with stylish design in pastel shades. Each product is spotlighted in a general overview, showing products design but also store assortments.

Les Merveilleuses engages their followers and let them participate in the content of the community by organizing games and contests on its channels. With pictures’ contests on Instagram or pictures reposting from influential individuals, the brand succeeded to make the customers very active on its networks. They thus feel more important, aware of being taking into consideration, and are more involved.

Les Merveilleuses has indeed succeeded to launch its brand and make itself known rapidly through the social media. The goals for the brand are now to expand its community by gaining visibility and notoriety through different types of content on multiple channels. The challenge will be to increase the community while ensuring the quality of exchanges, of the content and of the information divulged. The development of a Youtube chain or a blog could be a good opportunity to share advice, as Dior did it with its “Dior Makeup How to” chain. This new community could be very useful for the brand, as the cosmetics is a sector where people are looking for the best products, but also advices!

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