Let the Celebration Begin — Dom Perignon


Social media has seen an explosive rise in popularity over the past few years. Marketing teams are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of an effective social media campaign. While social media plays a vital role in any brand category, it is especially important in the luxury sector and the world of champaign. Dom Perignon is one company who appears to have figured out how to capitalize their effectiveness in capturing the online audience.


Dom Perignon uses four main social media platforms to reach their consumers. These include Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube. Their Facebook page, for example, does an excellent job engaging the audience. Each post (they typically have one or two a week) receives thousands of “likes” and hundreds of “shares”. There are also comments below the post where consumers typically talk about their last experience with Dom Perignon. The general feedback online is positive and there is an overall excitement coming from those who engage on the Facebook page. I believe this company does a great job posting often enough to spark interest, yet taking a few days between posts to avoid over saturation and boring the audience.

Along with the Facebook page, Dom Perignon also has a website that is attractive to consumers. Once you enter your age and country, the internal page of Dom Perignon’s website is a chic and stylistic visual combining many characteristics of the top social media platforms. This helps attract the younger audience in hopes of creating additional brand loyal consumers.

A few years back Dom Perignon attempted to reinvent their image for younger consumers by collaborating with Jeff Koons. Dom Perignon launched an Instagram page focusing on their new Balloon Vensu bottle and gift box which was unveiled at a New York Fashion Show after two years in the making. Less than 700 of these bottles were created which is why they are valued at $20,000. This fun and creative twist on the classic champaign was successful in gaining attention from the younger wealthy crowd.


Overall Dom Perignon is a market leader in the social media world. They certainly have reason to pop a bottle and celebrate all of their accomplishments thus far.

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