Luxury Brand Social Media Marketing at NikeLab

I currently follow NikeLab on Instagram (IG) and happened to stumble across the site through Angela Simmons IG where she tagged a NIKE shoe I never knew existed. Nike has always been an interest of mine but with NikeLab there is a new spin on the apparel. It brings innovation and new innovators ideas to life through highly advanced athletic apparel and footwear. Most of the shoes combine two opposite shoe designs into one single shoe. The workout clothing is constructed with advanced material and design to promote natural movements.

Some pros of this media approach is that through the IG portal, some 796K individuals are able to come in contact with the brand. There is an obvious presence on IG, however on Facebook (FB) the NikeLab page only has 223 likes. I don’t use FB anymore and this is an evident trend in other “NikeLovers” as well, being that there is a huge difference in the number of followers on FB and IG. As consumers age and grow within social media, there will be opportunities for companies to grow as well. This may become a challenge as more media portals are invented.

Through each post on IG there is valuable information on the product. Release dates, functionality, materials used, innovative aspect, and areas to purchase are different hints provided to the IG follower to gain all necessary insight. This is a major pro because it doesn’t leave the consumer guessing of how or where they can get the shoe or jacket from. Another pro is the brand name. Nike is a successful brand. With Nike at the forefront of the brand there is an instant connection to the familiar athletic apparel name.

NikeLab is available at select locations worldwide and online. The lack in online presence of this brand is a major con. I was lucky to find the site through a celebrity (Angela). NikeLab could improve on its engagement with target customers, because as a “NikeLover” I would have been a consumer years ago only if I knew it was in operation. Along with the limited accessibility to the products there is also a limited edition of the items. NikeLab is a firm believer in the exclusivity, rarity, and unique aspects associated with luxury.

Overall NikeLab is authentic with the approach towards athletic gear for the future. With social media the brand will continue to grow, as long as the proper methods are used to do so. NikeLab should consider re-booting the Facebook presence and also venture out to other portals to increase presence. As social media progresses through time, NikeLab should also progress as well. Staying up to date and involved with customers via media is essential to the company. Twenty years ago social media was not a thriving factor in businesses, and twenty years from now it will continue to impact luxury brands. NikeLab is off to a good start on IG and in order to stay relevant, innovative actions need to take place in the social media realm.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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