Moët & Chandon’s “The Now”: the Millenials’ conquest

Moët & Chandon, one of the renowned LVMH’s wine & spirits brands, is celebrating « success and glamour since 1743 ». The brand re-entered last year the 100 Best Global Brands, at the 99th position. Its values of history, savoir-faire, elegance and prosperity are still responsible for its attractiveness.

But the champagne House has a new challenge for few years now: attracting Millenials. Strongly engaged in seeking innovation, leading to new products, the brand needs new ways to engage consumers and redefine its 21st century image.

What a better way than allowing your consumers to share their own experience and vision of the brand? The brand is present on all the main social networks, but Instagram being one of the platform the most followed by its 233K connected consumers, M&C encourages its followers to post pictures featuring the luxurious beverage with the hashtag #Moetmoment, creating at the same time a modern and creative curated content that is used on the official page.

Pictures from the #moetmoments Instagram feed

The brand utilizes this opportunity to understand how the connected consumers appropriate in their own way, the tasting of the drink. It can be seen as a consumers mini-study, allowing the amateurs to defend their own vision and use of the brand.

Millenials being always connected to their smartphones, the brand knew how to take advantage of it and created a buzz in 2015 during a tennis tournament in Miami. In partnership with a digital agency, they launched the Skosh application. Skosh allowed consumers anywhere in the US to virtually send a glass of Moët Champagne to someone, that will collect this glass of champagne in real life at the bar.

“Skosh is a powerful new mobile commerce and social media tool Moët is currently using and eventually will be made available to other luxury wine/spirits brands and can be used to interact with an already highly engaged digital community,” said Gerard Bush, cofounder of Skosh.

But the famous celebration brand knew also how to integrate the new marketing / sponsoring trend which Instagram bears: influencing bloggers’ sponsoring. During the recent summery launch of two limited editions (Flamingo Royal and Ice Imperial), M&C invited 7 influencers to post their vision of the French brand on Instagram by using #moetmoments and #sharethenow hashtags. “Share the now” is the ongoing campaign starring Roger Federer, meant to define Moët & Chandon as a lifestyle brand on top of being a luxury champagne producer, associated with a “live in the moment” sentiment. This marketing campaign resulted in over 12 million impressions and 321K interactions. Moët & Chandon’s Instagram followers increased by 14.3%.

Picture from one of the influencer invited to the launch (
Capture from the GH Mumm’s official Instagram page

If we compare with another champagne brand, G.H. Mumm, acquired from LVMH by Pernod Ricard in 2006, M&C knew better how to exploit the boom of the social networks and more particularly Instagram. The glamorous and modern lifestyle is nowadays well anchored in the image of the brand, whereas Mumm does not take off in the figures of followers. Indeed, Mumm does not use the photos of its consumers and only publish official photos, remaining a sponsoring brand of sports events in the consumers’ mind (#Darewincelebrate is its official hashtag). Mumm hasn’t launched any engaging initiative to renew its image and to recruit younger consumers. On the other hand, it manages to create more video content than M&C.

I spoke a lot about the lifestyle and the image that M&C wanted to reflect, but we should not forget above all that Moët and Chandon is a champagne House of know-how and excellence, working with a terroir and producing an exceptional beverage. This is not highlighted on its social networks, and would deserve some posts. Indeed, it is very important to educate the consumers, so they could enjoy the product and learn to appreciate the brand not only by its prevalent glamorous image, but also by the quality and the human savoir-faire integrated in the product.

The American winery RdV capitalizes on this aspect to appeal another public of consumers, maybe less Millenials-oriented, but more expert in the wine & spirits tasting.

RdV Vineyards and Moët&Chandon Instagram feeds

Luxury is not only about the desirability or the expensiveness; but also integrates the quality and an inherited savoir-faire that needs to be recalled sometimes.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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