Posts about Chocolate = Engagement

If only it was that simple.

Another week, another blog post meaning me flooding your newsfeeds with lots and lots of chocolate… I mean I guess it could be worse.

Here’s a little bit more about chocolate but this time its revolving around you… how well did I “engage” you with my posts.


Chocolate Posts = Content & Likes= Engagement

Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Post pictures of delicious chocolate and get LOTS of likes…

“Charged guilty on 10 counts of basic”- Instagram post

I posted my first piece of content on Instagram which as we know is primarily used by millennials because they simply understand the time and effort needed to score maximum likes. I had first hand experience with this process which resulted in many interesting glares and smirks from all the by-passers in the mall. Not to mention I chose the busiest day of the week (a Saturday) to stand in the middle of the walkway with people weaving around me just so that I could hold up my freshly bought cone of Godiva chocolate covered strawberries at an angel of approximately 45 degrees, roughly 4'5" from the ground perfectly aligning it with the golden G. At this point I knew I had an #instaworthy pic.

Thanks to you all I got 193 likes and 4 comments.

Boomerang Post

For my second post I decided to get creative with the boomerang app. This was my first experience using it and I was a bit skeptical but decided to just embrace it and have fun. After recording this 2 second clip of me eating a strawberry I could not stop laughing at myself. No…literally…I’m STILL laughing at it (two days later). I decided to post my boomerang on two different platforms giving each a different caption.

FB caption: “I’m not the only one to get this excited for scrumdiddlyumptious chocolate covered strawberries, right?!”
Insta caption: “Oh so berry good”

I did this to see if these differences would result in more engagement on one channel over the other and to see if the type of engagement I received from each channel varied.

The results:

FB: 151 likes, 1 share, 15 comments

Insta: 336 views, 180 likes, 4 comments

I received very similar results on each platform. This was not surprising to me as my content targeted a large audience… and who doesn’t love chocolate?!

Instagram Post

For my third and fourth pieces of content I experimented with an app called Photofy. It’s a photo editing app which allows you to add text, layovers, and artwork giving you the ability to fully customize your photos. My goal was to create an appealing collage of Godiva treats while adding a quote which would catch people’s attention.

This is not the type of content I would normally post. I was hoping that my humorous caption would allow people to relate to my post and thus engage.

Insta Caption: “Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into 4 pieces with your bare hands — and then just eat one of the pieces”

This was not the case. My followers didn’t seem to be as attracted to it as my previous posts. Only getting 47 likes and 1 comment as apposed to almost 200. I think that this is the type of content that people would pin on their Pinterest boards rather than look at on Instagram.

Pinterest Post

I decided to change things up and post the last of my content on Pinterest. I am not an avid Pinterest user and am not very familiar with how it works. I received zero engagement on this post :(.

I think that if I had posted this on Facebook I would have gotten more responses from my followers. Godiva and Lindt are very popular and common chocolates eaten and enjoyed by all demographics. I think people would of commented their opinions on which was their favorite and maybe even some debates would of taken place resulting in a more interesting story for me to blog about.

All in all, content creation is not a simple task and takes a special talent that some people just don’t have. But, in the end the long process is worth it because you see all those notifications constantly pinging your phone and this is when you know you have successfully reached that “basic bitch” status.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own and reflect my personal point of view.