The Cartier Icon

Meet Mariana. She’s the gal with the killer heels, even more killer career, and the Instagram to prove it.

Mariana was born in the East coast to parents of Italian descent but has spent the majority of her life bouncing back between New York, Los Angeles, and Milan. She has a toy Yorkshire Terrier named Chianti that’s always sporting a custom-made embellished dog collar. Mariana can’t start her morning without a freshly-brewed cup of fair trade coffee from the corner shop before she walks little Chianti.

During the week Mariana is a marketing assistant director for a mid-sized consulting firm. The reason why she thrives at her job is because she can market herself so well. She always looks put together even when her overall image looks effortless. She always exudes an air of je ne sais quoi.

When in California, her address has a 90210 zip code and she drives a Land Rover to match the persona. While in New York, however, she prefers the boho-chic feeling of the West Village where she has a small condo; she loves walking everywhere.

On the weekends she’s an avid fashion blogger. She has a cult following on Instagram and her life always seems well put together. Her outfits are always to die for. She’s recently been looking into banking off her social media presence as up-and-coming and high-end designers have been approaching her about potential advertising opportunities.

When she’s not drilling away at her office desk coming up with another genius campaign, she enjoys girl’s nights out on the town. Her favorite places to go are trendy lounges where she can see and be seen. She loves lounges where she can get craft cocktails, particularly grapefruit Bellinis.

Mariana’s jet-setting lifestyle has exposed her to the latest trends and must-haves. She definitely appreciates the finer things in life. While she absolutely has the means to sustain her expensive taste, she splurges in ways that do not come off as obscene or explicit. She’s not big on loud monogrammed brands but rather prefers more understated luxuries. The Average Joe wouldn’t necessarily know what designer she was wearing but he’d be able to tell that she spent time and money polishing her look.

Fashion is her passion and she always gets her hands on the newest Chanel bags and Louboutin pumps. Her favorite purchases are accessories though. She loves to dress up outfits with jewelry. She loves bangles, earrings, and brooches. She often makes these accessories the center of her outfit posts in her blog. Of course, because she’s always running around, she never leaves the house without an amazing watch on her wrist.

She frequently has to attend high-profile events for her clients and nothing makes her happier than having to dress up for the occasion. Her circle of friends are hip and as some would say, “influencers.”

Why Mariana is the Cartier Icon

Mariana embodies the new Cartier woman. She is in her mid 30’s and although she comes from a well-off background, she has made a name for herself through her career and hobbies. She has the buying power, the audience, and the keen sense for the finest and highest quality. She is elegant and understated with just the right amount of wow. She is well traveled and constantly draws upon her cultural experiences to gather inspiration for her outfits and how she accessorizes. She is not waiting around for some prince charming to come give her a Cartier engagement ring; she can and does buy her own Cartier jewelry.

Mariana and Cartier share a lot of parallels. Cartier is a brand built on legacy, quality, and timelessness. It has a history for drawing inspiration from all corners of the world. It is a brand associated with royalty and celebrities because of its utmost craftsmanship. It is also a brand that realizes that luxury is changing and it has to evolve with the times in order to reach out to the next generation of Cartier loyals. (Mariana follows Cartier on Instagram where she keeps in the know about their new campaigns.)

Similarly, Mariana is all about presenting herself in a consistent yet adaptable manner. She appreciates trends but knows that quality can speak for itself. She likes to put her best foot forward and knows that being authentic is the key to making it all seem effortless and relatable. Mariana is the epitome of the new Cartier consumer.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.