When you read the book before seeing the movie: a memoir

An attempt at creative writing in order to build a brand-specific persona.

“Greenwich Village” via @cholpak

Meredith finishes the final strokes of adding blush to her cheeks; today she chose the “05 Pressed Cheek Color” by Les Merveilleuses. The rose-y shade adds the subtlest bit of color to her pale skin and grey wardrobe and brightens her somber mood created by the overcast morning in Greenwich Village, New York City. Looking out of the almost completely ivy-colored window of her apartment reveals that she’ll likely need to wear waterproof footwear, as well.

“Gatsby” via Pinterest

She grabs her high-healed boots from the closet and moves from the bedroom to the living room. Gatsby, the harlequin Great Dane reluctantly removes himself from the white linens on the bed to follow her. Ham, the longhaired Maine coon cat is already basking in the little bit of dim sunlight that is breaking through the clouds. Meredith gently rubs the top of Gatsby’s head, which is now resting on her lap while his eyes longingly gaze up to hers. The look is that of please stay home with me, we can watch FRIENDS for the hundredth time. She stares back with a sorrowful look and begins to scratch behind his ears apologetically.

The walk to work is wet so she is glad that she grabbed her umbrella and her espresso before leaving the apartment. As usual, she occupies herself during the commute by speaking on the phone. This morning, her Mother is asking about the plans for the weekend. She is coming to the city from her new home in Lake George where both her and Meredith’s father retired. Meredith explains that Beth, her sister, will be coming from Brooklyn around eleven in the morning on Sunday and they already have plans to have breakfast at Cafe Henrie. Next will be shopping in the Upper East Side. John, Meredith’s father, Andrew, her boyfriend, and Daniel, Beth’s husband are all meeting them for dinner that night at six in the evening at The Butcher’s Daughter in West Village.

“Messy Bun” via Pinterest

Once she arrives at work, she immediately ties her brunette hair into a messy bun. Her and the team she leads are planning a trip to Chile to conduct research on possible fabrics that could be part of next season’s summer line. At 26, Meredith works as a Senior Manager for the Women’s Fabric Research & Development department. The day always leaves her tired but inspired.

On the walk back to the apartment, she stops at the bodega to pick up a few things to make dinner. She follows the list that Andrew sent to her since he is the chef between the two of them. Her contributions to the night are the red wine, soft music, and reading “The Girl on the Train” so they can see the movie with having read the book first. Over dinner, they discuss their plans for the weekend, both with Meredith’s family and also their shared friends. They each hope that the weather clears up by Saturday night since they have plans for drinks on the terrace of Mr. Purple. Once the dishes are cleared, Meredith and Andrew settle on the couch with the animals to catch up on their current favorite HBO series, “The Night Of.”

“Mr Purple” via Google Images

The weather has finally cleared up and just before sunset, Meredith and Andrew take a stroll with Gatsby; more wine in-hand. The streets are still buzzing, as New York City streets always are. Meredith’s “05 Pressed Cheek Color” that she chose at the beginning of the day is now illuminated by a marvelous gradient of blues and pinks that are peaking through the tops of the buildings around her. After Andrew mentions how pretty she looks, she begins to wonder which color blush she’ll be in the mood for tomorrow.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole College of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.