Yeah this is my life with LM_Laduree

Typically, the real beginning of my day is the moment I start to make up. There are several steps to go through basically: foundation, eyebrows, eyeshadow and lips. The end of one-day look is very ritual step: choosing a high quality blush with the best match cheek color to light up a day. Definitely, cheek color is the best way to express your mood and style today. If you wear soft peach, means you are energetic and vivid; a water pink could a girly look and mood; last but not the least, maroon could be a professional and skilled impression.

After all set, the best thing of a day show up: taking tons of selfies then pick 1 or 2 among them to modify. Next, post it on social media with hashtag “dailymakeup”. I also took a picture of todays’ products and post them with my reviews on post. These are the picture I post on my weibo this morning, so grace are they. You may realize the most attractive product in the picture is the laduree blush! The shape, logo and the color make me addicted to it! Then I got conversations with my followers or friends under the post .

That’s my day, who is the perfect target point of LM_Laduree in Asia.Now let’s get to know me.

#1. Tulipa, 22 years old, graduate student who study abroad financially supported by family and spending 4 years in a private university in China.

Thanks for my family leave me space and support to purchase these gorgeous products and collections.

#2. A typical “blogger” type and make-up holic girl. 6 years with make-up and have 2k followers of personal channel so far. Cosmetic collection is the best hobby i hold in my life.

I just simply love them. There is a big 12 layer-drawer in my bedroom in China, this is specially for cosmetic and make up collection. As for Laduree, one of a layer is full of my blushes especially the good-looking ones! In this category, Laduree is the most collection I had which is over 20. Look at the pictures, these 3 set cheek powder are best looking in the blushes! Come on no girl doesn’t like pretty little blush! Also, these blushes are high quality products which seems last on your face — FOREVER!

#3 I also enjoy a big friends cycle of girls who are similar to me.

Friends of mine

We all like pretty things in life, like selfie, like adorable travel. And we are all collecting cosmetics with high quality or limited version or good-looking. Definitely, Laduree is one of best brand for girl’s collection in terms of limited, good-looking and high quality. And we share the reviews with each other and tell friends to go get them!

#4 Social media is the best part of my make-up journey

Absolutely, my friends and I all look so good in our social media and we are super willing to share our beauty life in different channels. For me, I almost put everyday makeup look on my channel by “dailymakeup” to share the look as well as the products I use today providing my feeling on them. I also regularly post a series of pictures or articles on the specific topic of cosmetic,. I post a blush product collection review 1 year ago about my favorite blush in terms of quality and color, Laduree take half of the,; I also post a review of best-looking cosmetic brands including LADUREE, Etude House, Benefit and so on. These post both got high engagement from my followers or even more public conversation. There are many people go to buy the Laduree products I mentioned in the reviews. I feel connected with the products and people in this social media way even though I am not a key opinion leader or real blogger, there are still many people come to me to ask what they should buy.

My past posts

Eventually, there are so many girls around me in similar background with good financial condition, passion about make up, love social media become the Laduree customers. We definitely love it forever with buying alomost every single new product of Laduree.

Now you see, that’s me and my day with Laduree. That’s LADUREE target typr girl in Aisa.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.