Zero to Global: Great Things All Global Schools Do

At a recent symposium we heard global advocate Stacie Berdan say that we have to teach our kids to live in a big world, even if they live in a small town. We couldn’t agree more! At Participate, we have had the privilege to partner with amazing districts, schools and teachers to make this idea a reality. We believe the best way to develop global citizens is to integrate global learning through a whole school approach. Our successful global schools follow this model and consistently do four things very well.

Educate their Educators

You cannot develop global citizens without developing your global educators! Becoming globally competent cannot happen in a weekend workshop. Global learning is a journey not a destination. Teachers need guidance and tools to develop skills in integrating global learning and Participate’s continuous learning platform provides a great foundation and environment for development.

Create a Global Look and Feel

Our global schools know the importance of creating an engaging environment for learning and they often start out with flags, time zone clocks and cultural displays. Grade levels focus on different regions of the world which provide a backdrop for instruction. Parents and the community are often involved in giving the school a global look and feel to activate student curiosity. And as instruction starts to take a more global focus, student work begins to be the most effective and authentic way of displaying learning in a global school.

Globalize Instruction

Globalizing instruction is really at the heart of a global school. Some people think that global education is something fun to do on a Friday, but a successful school learns how to integrate global into instruction across all content areas. Global lessons address curriculum standards that teachers have to teach all the while integrating global content to help students broaden knowledge and gain new perspectives. It makes learning relevant for students and draws connections between local and the global.

Connect Beyond the Classroom

This is where technology and creativity collide. Nothing is more exciting than to watch students’ faces light up when you Skype a classroom halfway across the world! Bringing the world to your classroom through technology can enhance cultural exchanges and engagement through collaborative projects. Connecting beyond the classroom can also be as simple as looking for the global in your own backyard! Meaningful learning can take place through real connections with real people!