Picnics Are For People Getting Together, Having Fun, Talking And Sharing Ideas

This #GlobalPicnic “motto” was inspired by @alberMoire, our team member who never forgets to bring food & drink stories to our regular Tuesday live shows. So you do catch my drift why it’s good to come around, right?

Let’s Start At The Beginning, Shall We?

It all started on Twitter and because of Twitter. In one of the #twitterchats, acutally. The sidebar discussion was all about food and drinks and the more we exchanged GIFs and pics of it, the more it suddenly dawned on us that we’re ready to have a picnic. So, what’s better than a Global Picnic! We’re all located in different parts of the world, different time-zones, different cultures, experiences, work backgrounds, YET connected globally through a common passion, intent and dedication — engaging with others, creating real, human connections, creating a difference and making an impact. With the help of Social Media, tech, #geektalk, sharing our personal and business ups, downs, past experiences and ways to move forward and most importantly, the support of #GlobalPicnic community.

Tuesdays Are Global Picnic Community Get-Togethers
Tuesdays are Global Picnic Community days when we GO LIVE for a real-time discussion, laughs, fun and topics that are relevant to us, our work, but more importantly, our community. It’s the questions, ideas and topics that we come across in our every day business, conversations that come across or just by changes that come in the spur of the moment. The latter mention refers to (the now non-existent) live video platform BLAB that used to be our playing field, but since its demise we’ve needed to find our picnic spot elsewhere.
Technology, communication channels, tools change,…and WE adapt.

Less Talk, More Action…

… Is what our motivator Dagmar Gatell always says. We’d like to grow #GlobalPicnic as a community that embraces change in whatever area entrepreneurs need support, guidance, a helping hand and enables all of us to be the change we wish to see in the world. All five members (Alberto, Amalia, Dagmar, Varun and myself) work in different fields and on different projects, each building upon different expertise that connects the dots of a global, digitally connected virtual team/squad/community/family. We want to share insights and real-life business experience that might help you answer some of your questions, point you in the right direction or help you find your voice, your path or more importantly, your WHY.

Episode 11: WHY Are You In Business?” (video below) from August 9 was inspired by an article with the same title. It has moved #GlobalPicnic focus even closer in the direction of finding stories, people and brands who have found their WHYs and are telling their stories in many different, inspiring, meaningful ways.

Each LIVE get-together feels like friends and family sitting down and talking, spending time together. And it’s exactly the intention and atmosphere we’d like to keep for all our guests and members of this growing #GlobalPicnic community.

What Is Your Why in Business Has Been One Of The Most Eye Opening and Inspiring Episodes.
Each week’s discussion is dedicated to a topic that is inspired by the Q&A we get from our clients, our community or simply from new happenings or trends on Social Media. We’re always on the lookout for inspiration and heartfelt stories we encounter IRL or online. YOU are the ones that make this #GlobalPicnic a never ending fun and progress.

The questions WHY and our answers are acutally the embodiment of the dream, desire and wishes of WHY behind the idea of creating a #GlobalPicnic community and how we wish to drive it forward. In the words of Wayne Peters @1stdibbsmm “So our WHY comes in large part because we recognize that what is there is not satisfying. We work very hard because our passion is based in fulfillment of unmet needs for clients — consumers”. Living purposefully and commited to support and help others grow, is what drives our community and the change we wish to see, experience in the world around us.

#GlobalPicnic squad will be happy to meet-tweet or talk to you on Social Media or LIVE any given Tuesday. The new episode — ep. 14 will focus on engagement — through content, connections, storytelling. We’re “hanging out” on Hangouts on Air. Feel free to reach out or shoutout — with questions, feedback, thoughts, quotes — we trade in any kind of heart 2 heart exchange.

Not in alphabetical order, but we’re the faces, voices and ideators at hand: Zala Bricelj Zala Bricelj, Slovenia (CET timezone), Dagmar Gatell Dagmar Gatell, Germany/US (ET timezone), Varun Kumar Varun Kumar, India (IST timezone), Alberto Gómez Alberto Gómez, Columbia (ET timezone), Amalia Gómez @amalein, Spain (CET timezone).

This piece was written by me, Zala Bricelj. I appreciate each and everyone who reaches out to me with questions about #GlobalPicnic, who is interested in knowing more and supporting our community. I am wholeheartedy grateful for your ideas, feedback, coming live to “picnic” with us and for meaningful, empowering conversations that help me / us grow individually and together. My motto: #SharingIsCaring

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