Wind Energy: A Forgotten Renewable

When people think of clean alternative energy, solar power is the first thing to come to mind. People like Elon Musk and his new solar panel roof, solar powered cars, and businesses make solar the strong shower in the alternative energy sector. However, another form of energy has been around for even longer. We have been harnessing this power for various purposes for centuries and have recently begun to harness it for electricity. Wind power is among the oldest and most recently underrated forms of clean affordable energy. The wind power industry continues to grow right along side the solar industry, but without the general fanfare and attention that solar garners.

In 2015, the most recent numbers available, the wind energy industry installed 63 GW of energy creation across the global market and increased the share of energy generation to 433 GW. This was a 17% increase from the previous year. Asia remained the world’s largest market for wind energy, with a total install of 175.8 GW. China leads the wind industry with 145 GW of power generation in the country.

Forecasts predict that by 2050, global generation of electricity by wind power will exceed 2,870 GW and will provide at least 36% of the global electricity demand. With continued tax breaks for wind energy issued by governments worldwide, the wind industry will continue to grow year over year. Demand for jobs within this industry will grow as well, with highly skilled engineers and technicians able to land great paying jobs if the skillset is in place. Those at GRN Chapel Hill can help you understand how the market is changing and what skills you would need to excel in an industry such as this. With help from GRN Chapel Hill, you’ll discover which job is best for you and which skills are necessary in order to grow with a changing industry.

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