These 3 Trends are Dominating the Nordic Startup World.

Learn the hottest issues Nordic entrepreneurs are tackling.

From across Scandinavia, Iceland, and Finland, three startup trends have rocketed to prominence. When our 2017 season began, Nordic Startup Awards received thousands of applications from startups tackling a diverse range of issues. However, as we enter the National Finales phase, taking a look at our finalists shows that a few select industries are leading the pack.

Reducing Food-waste.

One of the most notable issues that Nordic startups are addressing, and with fierce competition, is reducing food-waste. In the EU alone, 88 million tons of food are wasted annually, costing over 143 billion euros. These startups plan to address this by allowing customers to purchase excess food produced by restaurants.

Too Good to Go — Denmark.

Too Good to Go is an application that allows users to buy surplus food from restaurants at a discounted price. They have seen strong results in Denmark and have expanded their service to Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and the U.K.

From their site:

Our mission is to place the lost value back onto food as something that should be eaten and not thrown away. Through the TGTG app we’re raising awareness of food waste by making surplus food available for collection before a store closes its breakfast, lunch or dinner service.

Check them out at:

They are Danish national finalists, competing for “Startup of the Year,” “Best Food Tech Company,” and “Best Social Impact Startup.”

ResQ Club — Finland.

ResQ Club is a service from Finland that seeks to eliminate food waste by giving customers the opportunity to buy leftover meals from participating restaurants. Within a year, they have expanded from Finland to Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Estonia.

From their site:

Our goal is simple: less waste, more respect for quality. We save good food from turning into waste, help local businesses get better results, and help the environment. And it is our dream job.

Check them out at:

They are Finnish national finalists, competing for “Startup of the Year,” “Best Newcomer,” “Best Food Tech Startup,” and “Best Social Impact Startup.”

Karmalicious — Sweden.

Karmalicious’ app allows users to browse restaurants and purchase food that would otherwise be thrown out.

From their site (translated from Swedish):

With Karma you eat well, save money and save the environment.

Check them out at:

They are Swedish national finalists, competing for “Best Food Tech Startup,” and “Best Social Impact Startup.”

Simplifying Personal Finance.

No matter what year it is, managing money is a critical concern for everyone. Irrespective of their age, career, income-level, etc, proper financial management can dramatically improve an individual’s quality of life.

Although staying on top of your finances can be daunting, in this digital age things have the potential to be easier than ever. That is why these startups aim to assist you in this vital task through new and innovative technologies.

Spiff — Norway.

Spiff is an application that simplifies managing your savings, regardless of income level.

From their site:

An app that makes it social, easy and fun to save and invest for everyone, regardless of income. Spiff is easy to understand and puts you directly in charge of your savings from your smartphone; when you want to save, what you want for, how often, and how much. All in one place. Save with friends, family, and for yourself. It’s up to you!

Check them out at:

They are Norwegian national finalists, competing for “Best Newcomer,” and “Best FinTech Startup.”

Dreams — Sweden.

Dreams assists in financial planning by allowing an individual to focus on their “dreams,” not money. By creating a tangible goal in something you want, as opposed to arbitrary numbers on a screen, Dreams will improve your dedication to saving.

From their site:

At Dreams we would rather talk about dreams than money. Partly because it’s more fun, but mainly because research shows that dreams are a driving force that makes us succeed in our savings. And we are here to help you.

Check them out at:

They are Swedish national finalists, competing for “Best FinTech Startup.”

MinaTjänster — Sweden.

Netflix, HBO Nordic, Spotify, electricity… The average person has so many subscriptions it can be hard to manage. Thankfully, MinaTjänster allows users to keep track of their subscriptions. Furthermore, it allows users to report unwanted subscriptions and it can even suggest alternatives to cut down on expenses.

From their site:

We are driven by giving the modern consumer more power over their money. We want to create a reliable and secure service that makes it easy for everyone to manage their subscriptions.

Check them out at:

They are Swedish national finalists, competing for “Best FinTech Startup.”

Improving Women’s Health.

These startups plan to improve your quality of life by designing apps tailored to women’s health issues.

Natural Cycles — Sweden.

Natural Cycles produces an app that utilizes a woman’s daily measured temperature in conjunction with their own algorithm in order to calculate fertility. It is a certified method of contraception with a high level of effectiveness, and is 100% free of side effects.

From their site:

Women’s health is important to us, which is why we heavily invest in advancing research within contraception and natural family planning. Because progress starts with research.

Check them out at:

They are Swedish national finalists, competing for “Best Health/Lifestyle Tech Startup.”

Urinkollen — Sweden.

Urinkollen allows women who suspect they have a UTI to get diagnosed and prescribed through their phone. A professional physician will review your symptoms symptoms and prescribe treatment, all in under one hour.

From their site (translated from Swedish):

Urinkollen allows women to get a medical assessment directly on the mobile with urinary tract infection that does not require physical examination or sampling to diagnose.

Check them out at:

They are Swedish national finalists, competing for “Best Health Tech,” and “Best Bootstrapped.”

Road to victory.

Starting September 1st, these awards, and more, will be handed out at each country’s National Finale, beginning with Iceland. The winners will be selected from these apps and other competing startups by our juries. The national victors will then go on to compete in our Grand Finale, October 18th in Stockholm, where the regional champions will be announced.

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