Interaction between Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC) and Giorgio Armani

Yue Chen
Yue Chen
Aug 27, 2017 · 4 min read

How do brands co-market?

Vitale Barberis Canonico (often abbreviated and known simply as VBC) is an Italian fabric mill established in 1663, [1] located about 50 miles north of Milan in the northern Biella region. [2] Francesco Vitale Barberis is the current creative director. [3]

VBC is known for its classic design style. Many well-known politicians in the world have chosen to wear clothes from VBC fabrics on important occasions. According to US media reports, George W. Bush was wearing 130S fabric suit of VBC SUPPER for his inauguration ceremony.

George W. Bush was wearing VBC SUPPER 130S suit in his inauguration ceremony.

VBC mainly produces wool and cashmere fabrics, and it is the long-term partner of Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Hugo Boss and many other world’s top clothing brands. The company now produces 8 million meters of fabric each year, used to make more than 2.5 million jackets and suits and has introduced 4,000 patterns and colors of fabric last year alone (by 2014). [4]

Giorgio Armani men’s is an Italian high-end men’s brand, most consumers think wearing Armani is a symbol of identity and taste. As we know, most high-end custom suits are made of worsted wool fabrics. Armani men’s suits require fabrics to have very high demands. VBC can meet Armani’s requirement, because their raw materials are all used in Australian Okinawa ultra-fine Merino wool, this wool woven fabric feel very soft and it can be comparable to cashmere. The products of VBC fabrics are generally 100–150S, up to 180S or more. On the other hand, VBC fabric has a good fold recovery function, clothes after wearing, in a very small amount of time to restore to the flat, straight condition and the fabric has a good command of abrasion.

Giorgio Armani men’s suit requires high quality fabrics and VBC produces high quality fabrics, this makes two brands co-market.

VBC fabric provide for Armani: RUSTIC WEAVE 100% wool- 240 grams per meter

RUSTIC WEAVE is one of VBC’s tropical weave, this fabric is notably lighter and practically porous, summery and airy. The mouliné yarns, composed and blended with mélange colors, give this fabric a modern and outgoing look. By using the mouliné warp and weft, even a simple plain fabric assumes a youthful, almost unpredictable appearance. VBC’s clients who select the Rustic Weave include Giorgio Armani, Brunello Cucinelli, Lardini and Polo Ralph Lauren. [5]

What are the benefits to textile manufactures? To brands?

In my opinion, as Armani is a high-end brand, it requires highest quality fabrics to produce suits. On the one hand, that makes the textile manufactures constantly improve their own production level so that they can meet Armani’s requirement. On the other hand, as the level of production increases, manufacturers get more opportunities to reach other brands and create more profits and fertility.

For VBC, the cooperation with Armani not only help it make great profits, but also expand its international reputation, although VBC in Italy has already been known for its cost-effective. VBC should always design a number of fabrics with fashion sense and high quality in order to maintain long-term cooperation with Armani, which inspired the enthusiasm of the VBC.

For Armani, firstly, they can get more fabrics in good condition to produce suits so that it can improve its position in the international suit brands. What’s more, it can be more attractive to consumers so that it can make more profits.

What are the brands doing well? What could they do better?

VBC’s website is very delicate, so that consumers are willing to visit the site to search for the fabrics they need. Similarly, the Armani website is also very specific, the information of products is very comprehensive. Another point is that VBC adhere to the use high-quality wool raw materials, and constantly design better fabric products, continue to attract more customers to cooperate with them. Armani makes the advantages of fabrics shown extremely, and constantly design and produce better suits.

But to be honest, they are both too expensive for most common people. They don’t need to make all the products faced to all people, but it couldn’t be better if they can make some discount sometimes. So that more people can enjoy their products.

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