Love Your neighbors, Especially If They Are Refugees

We are more likely to die by acts of domestic terrorism committed by US born men with guns than refugees.

We are more likely to get killed by a falling television than a refugee.

We are more likely to blow ourselves up playing with fireworks than by a refugee.

Cattle kill an average of 20 Americans every year and dogs kill 28 Americans a year. We are more likely to die from a cow or dog slaying us than a refugee boogeyman.

Elevators kill 27 people a year. Yep, that’s right we are likely to get killed by an elevator than a refugee.

The truth is we are more likely to choke on food and die, get struck by lightning and die, die in a car accident, die from a heart attack or in a police shooting than by a refugee.

Over 16,000 people a year die from pain killers, why don’t we ban them instead!

Hatred and division is NOT the answer. Love your neighbors, especially if they are refugees.