The man who made Diamond Power Infrastructure a popular company

Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd (Dicabs) was established in 1970, by Amit Bhatnagar, Managing Director of Vadodara-based firm. Since its inception, the company has been delivering highly proficient power products across India.

The Indian power industry has been significantly evolving in the last couple of decades. Several power infrastructure companies have come up, but failed miserably. However, Dicabs has been unyielding throughout.

The company deals in Integrated Power Transmission and Distribution services and equipment. It is a turnkey services provider in T&D and a manufacturer of Power Cables up to 550KV, Transmission and Distribution Conductors up to 765KV, Power & Distribution Transformers up to 220KV and Transmission towers.

The manufacturing facilities of the business cover approximately 80 per cent of Transmission and Distribution (T&D) infrastructural requirements across India. The company initially started as a fledgling ACSR conductor manufacturing facility and is now India’s largest and only integrated manufacturer of power transmission equipment and turnkey services provider.

Amit Bhatnagar, MD, has been diligent towards making Vadodara-based Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd (DICABS) popular in the power industry of India. He has been integrating his business skills with the state-of-the-art facilities that the company offers.

The business of Dicabs also includes flexible wires & cables, power & control cables, conductors and EPC projects. During the years 2004–2006, the company increased its production capacity and launched a wide range of House Wires, Panel Wires,Multi-core Flexibles, CAT Cables and different types of Security Cables.

Year after year, Diamond Power Infrastructure has been adding up new ventures to its business. It is about to put up a plant for manufacturing Extra High Voltage Plant 132 KVAs to 400 KVAs. They are planning to introduce it along with an installed capacity of 2000 km per annum.

Amit Bhatnagar is a well-known business tycoon from Vadodara. He said that Dicabs is about to propose new facilities at Village Vadadala, TalukSavli in Vadodara.