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Dyslexia SuperPowers by Karl Smith, Sabrina C E Bruce and Scott Seivwright

Dyslexia SuperPowers by Karl Smith, Sabrina C E Bruce and Scott Seivwright

Dyslexia SuperPowers new book due December 2021. Although I’m exhausted from all the different things I have been working on at the moment, and the two books published this year already, I’m working on one more a short guide to Dyslexia SuperPowers.

People with Dyslexia have SuperPowers, they manifest often as immense quickness to not only understand but also see from multiple perspectives and see patterns that only computers can otherwise observe.

These SuperPowers are hidden well by their owners as their experience shows the pack is fearful of the extraordinary and has conditioned them since childhood to be less obvious.

This book is a safe space for several people with SuperPowers to talk about them, both as a child and as an adult.

The Authors

Karl Smith

Karl Smith builds companies and new capabilities working as leader and consultant, CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO to deliver the change clients are seeking. His current focus is on self funding Ways of Working Transformations delivering ROI in a constant iterative flow. He has established both new businesses and core competencies in existing global enterprises and national businesses that directly impact efficiency, market capability and value creation.

He has been a consultant and innovator in Business Transformation and Human Centred Design since 1989 and in Agile since 2004 involved in supporting both business and technology in the adoption of Customer Centricity and Agility. His recent focus has been on combining HCD and Agile in Enterprise Agile Portfolio management as an extension of SAFe. This was delivered in the NatWest Group from Business through to IT, Retail Banking and Commercial Banking Transformation with 88,000 staff. Working with the programme sponsor in the central team (4 later becoming 12) he led the strategy and delivery of Customer Journey based Target Operating Models (as Domains and Centres of Excellence), TOM and ITOM focused on Idea to Value (value slicing) for outcome based Transformations. He has been instrumental in many digital firsts including, social media mashups, PropTech, EdTech, GovTech and FinTech to name a few.

Karl Smith is a Fellow of the British Computer Society FBCS, a member by invitation of BCS ELITE the CIO & CTO group and European CIO Association and has supported various Westminster Parliamentary Groups since 2003.

He is a polymath combining, design, engineering, science, business opportunism and the humanities into his work. He works on global programs and hold both a UK passport and an EU passport through dual nationality.

He has a track record since 1989 of designing, launching and delivering global and national new business models, organisational designs, professional services, capabilities and client services working with VC, consulting companies or hired direct by clients.

Working with legacy or greenfield contexts he turns them into successful ecosystems, engagements, revenue generating offerings though a Business Agility, Organisational Design (Agility), Lean-Agile Leadership and Human Centred (UX and CX strategy) Design.

He has always been fascinated by how technology can augment the lives of humans;

My desire was not to build things that humans already do but to find out how technology could evolve our human experience.

Karl Smith

Sabrina C E Bruce

Sabrina is an experienced Agile Professional who enjoys motivating and training businesses, teams and individuals in delivering high profile projects. She is Scrum Alliance certified as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Leadership and Advanced Scrum Master as well as having training in Coaching Agile Teams.
Having over 9 years’ experience in Project Management and Agile Delivery, she is confident in communicating with stakeholders to ensure software delivered meets business requirements and is fit for purpose.

Sabrina has a track record for training and enhancing Scrum Teams in agile principles, who may or may not have a traditional waterfall background, enabling them to select methodologies to work more efficiently and continue to set expectations. She has been coaching and training using many different agile methodologies including Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan as well as having experience in scaling agile using the LeSS framework. She regularly keep up to date with new agile ways of working and attend the scrum alliance conferences. Agile is not just a job for her it’s a passion.

Scott Seivwright

Scott is an Agile Coach based in Scotland. He has many years of supporting and growing agile with large client organizations and has extensive experience of delivering Agile Ways of working in difficult situations.

Scott works with clients to create plans and engagement models to increase focus on delighting customers and creating greater value quicker. He understands and can create improvement backlogs for greater digitisation, the improvement of flow of work, and creating sustainable working environments where employee engagement scores are high. Scott helps build trust between business, technology teams and customers. He has supported the creation of digital apps, departmental transformation, improved flow of work, increased automation and DevOps.

Scott is down to earth and is open and will give you work with you with candour and respect.

Scott believes in delivering early value and alternates roles between Agile Coach and hands-on delivering valuable stuff. What is valuable? Stuff that keeps your customers loving you and coming back for more.

ISBN 978–1–8384994–1–9 a short guide to Dyslexia SuperPowers



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