She wants to make sure her country remembers the horrors of Nepal’s 10-year civil war.

Ankeeta is a communications officer for Voices of Women Media, a GlobalGiving partner in Nepal. This international nonprofit is committed to empowering women from marginalized communities through visual media, including video, radio, art, and photography. Right now, Ankeeta is focused on documenting the stories of survivors of Nepal’s 10-year civil war.

I was working in the corporate field for over 10 years. It took me to the realization of wanting to do something for the community, and also I’m a feminist in some ways. I just wanted to get out of my comfort field and do something that would actually fill my soul,” Ankeeta said.

“There are a lot of things, even being a citizen of Nepal, I did not know about the civil war in Nepal because I lived in the capital. There are a lot of people who were living outside of the capital. We were safe compared to them. They’ve been through a lot of war — when it comes to losing a family member, getting sexually violated. There is still hope that justice will happen for the victims,” she said.

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